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How to Create a Zero Waste Car Kit

Sustainable is stylish. 

In some ways, this is great. People are more likely to be mindful of how their lifestyles affect the planet if doing so is seen as cool and trendy. But the idea that to create less waste, you have to go out and purchase more stuff to do it- albeit sustainable, organic, bamboo stuff- is a bit paradoxical. 

Six Months In: A Cloth Diapering Update

Three months ago, in A Beginner's Guide to Cloth Diapering, I shared a comprehensive overview of our cloth diapering routine. I received good response from that post, so I thought that I'd give an update now that we're six months in and fully immersed into the cloth diapering world. We've learned a few tricks since that post, and, with the introduction of solid foods, we've had to step up our game a bit. I also wanted to make a few "corrections."

Get ready for lots of poop talk.

Disconnect: How Do We Unchain Ourselves from Our Phones?

Standing in the kitchen one night after dinner, I was holding my five-month-old daughter in my arms as I entered my food data into the MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone. My husband stood a few inches away, sipping a can of sparkling grapefruit-flavored water, watching us.

"I just saw something," he said suddenly, in a somber tone. "She was looking at your face, and you were looking at your phone, so she looked at your phone. She looked back up at you, then at your phone, then back up at you, then back at your phone."

I glanced down into my daughter's chubby little face, her big blue eyes staring into mine with expectation. I tossed my phone onto the kitchen counter, held her closer, and began to cry.

I am sick of this. 

The Frugal-Minimalist-Millennial's Guide to Creating a Wedding Registry

Spring is in the air, which always makes me nostalgic for all things wedding-related. My husband proposed to me on Christmas Day, 2014, and we got married on May 9, 2015, so it was during this time of the year, four years ago, that I was deeply engrossed in preparing for our upcoming nuptials.

I remember it well. In all of the stressful, panic-inducing, wedding-planning drama, it's easy to forget that the ceremony is merely the tip of the iceberg. You must also use this pre-wedding time to prepare for the new life you're about to start together. And part of that involves creating your wedding registry.

Goodbye, 2018

Oh, what a twisty-turny, shock-and-surprise-filled, extra-special year 2018 has been. A year of changed plans. Constant vomiting. Sleepless nights. Doctors and hospitalizations. Circling the drain financially. Losing loved ones and welcoming new ones.

Exercising Postpartum: Planning for 2019

September 2018. Barely one week after giving birth to my first child, I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Which was great. But.

I'm still fat.

A Beginner's Guide to Cloth Diapers

We've been parents for about three months now, and while that hardly makes us experts, I have to share our experience- thus far- with cloth diapers.

Packing Bags for a Natural Hospital Birth

When I was twenty-seven weeks pregnant, we unexpectedly had to go to labor and delivery, and I was admitted for nearly a week. It was still so early in the pregnancy, we thought we had months before we'd need to pack for the hospital. But there we were, throwing things into a bag in a state of near panic. That experience taught me a lesson, and as soon as I came home and began feeling better, I got to work on packing bags to have ready at the door. 

Creating a Nursery in a Small Home: Master Bedroom Nursery Nook

People have been inquiring about our nursery plans since I announced my pregnancy, and to be honest, I've felt a lot of embarrassment from the start as I gave my answer:

We don't really have room for a nursery, so we'll just be keeping the baby in our room.

Most people's responses to this don't do anything to discredit my embarrassment. But you have to have a nursery! 'Cause you know, nobody ever lived in a modest home with no space or funds to give a tiny newborn its very own, Pottery-Barn-catalog-worthy room.

The Harsh Reality of Pregnancy

I have to say that pregnancy isn't what I thought it'd be. At all. (Be warned: very TMI post to follow.)