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The Harsh Reality of Pregnancy

I have to say that pregnancy isn't what I thought it'd be. At all. (Be warned: very TMI post to follow.)

Setting Up the Homestead: An Update

One of our primary goals in buying a home was to have our own land for homesteading. We ended up with a single acre, which was far less than we wanted but still plenty of room to get started (and a tremendous improvement from our third-floor apartment).

Why We're Waiting To Find Out Gender

I'm finding that people will judge your parenting choices before the parenting even begins.

Health. An Update. (A Big One.)



Not too long ago, I shared this post about my intentions to get healthy again. I was gonna go vegetarian again and spend the year training to complete a half-marathon this fall. I talked about how we vowed to get gazelle intense this year and really knock out some debt. We were set for quarterly no-spend months, me picking up over time, and closing our credit cards once and for all.

Yes. I had big plans.

Then came an unexpected plot twist.

Debt Snowball Progress: January 2018

Recently, I shared that we had plans to get gazelle intense with our debt snowball this year. I believe the progress we made in January displays our new resolve. Here's what happened.

Getting Healthy...Again

My goals for 2018 aren't strictly financial. I've been letting my health go for far too long.

Planning for Gazelle Intensity in 2018

Okay, I'm not sure how gazelle intense we are at this point, but I do know that I'm getting truly mad at our debt. Mad about our lack of progress. Mad about how it's holding us back from starting a family. Mad about how it's trapping me in jobs I despise. Mad about still paying Navient for a degree I can't use.

Goodbye, 2017

2017 was an interesting year. It was busy, for us. Fluid. Full of unsteadiness, financial insecurity, lack of routine. Lots of uncertainty. Change.

2017: One Year of No New Clothes

I'm finally coming out of the closet- my sparse, Goodwill-sourced closet- and admitting that, in 2017, I managed to go an entire year without buying a single piece of brand new, off-the-rack clothing.

Christmas 2017

Our third Christmas as Mr. and Mrs., our first in our very own house.