Starting Over

Recently, I deleted all my old blogs (yes, all, as in more than one). I rarely updated them, and when I did, it was usually just another whiny rant about how much my life sucks.

I'm fed up with living in this same crappy town, living in the same crappy house. I'm tired of working Monday through Friday and occasionally Saturday at a job that stresses me out to the point of panic attacks. I'm sick of spending my off time sitting at home, binging on junk food, watching everyone else move on with their lives while I'm apparently stuck here forever. But whose fault is that? When it comes down to it, I am really, truthfully, the only one to blame for my current situation.

I can keep lounging around on my parents' couch, inhaling Doritos, watching re-runs of Supernatural, crying myself to sleep at night, and wondering why I'm lonely and depressed and obese and getting absolutely nowhere in life.

Or I can get up. I can turn off the TV and change my life.

So that's what I did.

For the past few weeks, I've been purposefully going outside my comfort zone, trying new things, forsaking old habits. Doing what I really want to do. No, need to do.

I quit my job. I focused on writing. I started counting calories. Working out like a fool. I've immersed myself in reading new books, different authors. I've been praying. Reading the Bible more attentively.

I've started knocking things off The Bucket List.

(Coldplay live at the Philips Arena, 7/2/12)

I saw Coldplay in concert. I signed up for a 5K. The only show I watch now is re-runs of The Biggest Loser, which offers a much-needed kick in the pants with each episode.

This blog is a clean slate, a new place to share and think and create. To chronicle my fantastic adventures. To be positive. 

I'm tired of just existing. I want to live.


Jessica said...

It looks good!

Travis Smith said...

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