Week 34: Recap

This week's weigh-in proved to be another success- 211 lbs. 2 more pounds down! That brings my total weight loss to 27 lbs.

My weight goal for August was to get below 210. When I wrote that number down on August 1 at 217 lbs, I felt it was a bit lofty considering my track record. It's taken me almost 2 years to lose these 27 pounds. 8 pounds in one month seemed nearly impossible. But at 211, I'm only 2 pounds away from being under 210. If I do really well this week, I can totally get there.

And after that, it's a downhill slope to one-derland!

Well, probably more like an uphill slope. But whatever.

This week Alabama experienced a refreshing humidity drop. Feeling the nearness of autumn, I had to get outside. My best friend and I met up at a local park two days in a row. We even got really crazy and got the second day started at 6:30 A.M, when the air still had that October-y crispness. (Gosh, I'm so ready for fall.) We ended up walking for an hour and half the first day and two hours the next day. I always forget how great it is to exercise with a friend; the time just flies by. We maintained a steady pace, but we were able to keep up a conversation that distracted us from our burning calves and sore ankles. Definitely planning to do it again this week.

I came across this video today and found it to be unexpectedly motivating. And uplifting. Powerful, even. So much so that I wanted to share it. So check it out and be inspired to give this week 110%!

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