A Sunrise Hike

If you've been keeping up with my posts for the last few weeks, you've seen me bragging about how my best friend Anna and I have been meeting every weekday morning at 6 AM to exercise. Some days we go to the park, other days we go to the gym, and sometimes, we go to her place for Zumba or Just Dance battles. We like to mix it up. I, at least, fear that we're going to get bored and quit.

I've really been wanting to incorporate some kind of challenge event into our workouts, sort of Biggest Loser style. I want to do something different, something extra ambitious, at least once a month. I pitched the slightly crazy idea of going on a hike at a nearby state park, keeping our starting time at our usual 6 AM.

We've lived close to this beautiful, mountainous, trail-filled area our entire lives, been best friends for 15 years, and we've never gone hiking together. Anna was up for the idea, so yesterday, we got up extra early, left home while it was still black outside, and began our journey up the mountain.

When we reached the trail head, the sun had just begun to break through the darkness. So when we first entered the forest, beneath the shadows of the clustered trees, it was pretty dark. And spooky. We both felt like we'd ventured off into the Forbidden Forest from Harry Potter. But in minutes, the daylight grew brighter. Orange rays fell across our path.

We followed the trail for about forty minutes when we found this rock ledge a few steps off the path. We adventurously climbed it and found this:

A radiant sunrise. Silvery mist lingering above the mountains in the distance. One of the most breathtaking sights I've ever seen. That picture so doesn't do it justice. We sat down on the ledge, which will now be known as The Viewing Rock, and ate some of the crackers I'd put in my backpack. We sat together in awed silence, admiring the view. And of course, we took some pictures.

Anna and me enjoying our "emergency crackers" on The Viewing Rock

Anna glowing gorgeously in the sunlight

Me looking like a serious pro with my sweet backpack
We stayed there for a few minutes, then it was back to the trail. We blazed on through enchanted-looking forest, across creeks, even parts that made us think we'd been somehow magically transported to a rainforest.

To sum it up, we hiked for 5 hours total. We covered 11.06 miles. That's way more than we ever set out to do, more than we ever thought possible.

Just look at us. Getting so fit and strong and smexy.


Jessica said...

Mreowwwww! Lookin so shmexy!!

Jenny said...

You know...