Week 35: Recap- 30 lbs Down

I had an awesome weigh-in this weekend: 208 lbs. That's a three pound loss since last week!

I met my August goal of getting below 210 and BEAT IT.

Boo yah.

Oh, and that unexpected extra pound? It brought my total weight loss so far to....

*drum roll*


(Sorry about all the caps and bold letters and exclamation points and such. I'm quite excited.)

This means I'm less than ten pounds away from being below 200, which I haven't been since I was a teenager. Half a decade ago.

So that is the goal for September. To be 199 lbs or less by October 1.

Back in January, I would have thought it was impossible to get to 199 by the end of this year. But now? I've seen what I can do. And if I don't get lazy, I could hit 172 lbs by the end of December. I could. I did the math. (Like, seriously, I really did it.) Heck, I could be at my goal weight of 150 before next summer.


I'm 100% sure that a huge part of my success this week was due to the fact that I got up every single day at 5:30 AM, met my BFF for workouts 6:15 AM, then went to bed early at night. I managed to get in two flippin' hours of cardio every day before 9 AM, plus my usual light strength training. I loved all the extra energy and time I had to get stuff done after working out when I'd usually be sleeping. Plus, my body was ready for bed around 8 PM every night, so I was too sleepy to sit around in front of the TV/computer with the late night munchies like I usually do. It really eliminated the night time snacking, which is where I normally pack in the most calories.

I'm really proud of myself for sticking to that early morning routine this week. Getting up early for anything is really character for me, so it was a definite challenge. Knowing that my friend was waiting on me was a huge motivator. If I'd been planning to exercise alone, I probably would have turned off my alarm clock and gone back to sleep.

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