My Second 5K- YMCA Spooktacular 2012

(Me and Anna posing at the finish line)
All those six a.m. walk/jogs at the lake Anna and I have been doing for the past two months have paid off. Our time today was roughly 39:28- a whole 7 minutes faster than my time at Woodstock! Plus, I wasn't wheezing, purple-faced, and limping this time. I didn't even have any shin pain! (Sore shins has been the worst problem since I've started running).

As you can see from that top photo, it was a costume race. I went as a Greek goddess and Anna was a Carrie-inspired zombie prom queen.

I found a shimmery fuschia mumu-looking dress and a trashy, lopsided gold Christmas bow at the thrift store for a total of $7. I removed the wire from the bow and turned it into a belt. I found a couple of gold medallion buttons at Walmart for $1 each, and I attached them to the sleeve area, which I gathered. Also at Walmart, I got the braided rope headband for $4 and the gold cuff bracelet for $6, bringing this surprisingly comfortable costume to a total of $19. I added some waterproof mascara, 24-hour gold eyeshadow, and about three layers of foundation to finish the look. 

For Anna's costume, we got a $7 floor-length formal gown at the thrift store. At Walmart, we found 2 yards of wide satin ribbon for $1, a kid's party favor tiara for $2, some really awesome wound tattoos for $2, and a tube of fake blood for $2. She also got a zombie makeup kit at a party store for around $7. The night before the race, the two of us released some stress by hacking away at her dress with scissors until we thought it looked damaged enough. Then we took it into the backyard, hung it from a tree branch, and splattered blood all over it. Then I dragged it around in the dirt...

Yeah. We had way too much fun making her costume. 

We made the prom sash with the ribbon and some glitter glue she already had. Then, the morning of the race, she put on her makeup, and I got to splatter her with even more fake blood! (Yay!)

And...guess what? She won Creepiest Costume!

(She got a sweet skeleton trophy!)
Both of us were surprised at how comfortable and easy to run in our costumes were. We took some extra precautions by pinning our crowns into place, but other than that, we didn't do anything special. Except, of course, making sure our dresses were short enough to not trip us.

The costumes gave the place a really fun atmosphere and kept the track exciting. We met a kid dressed as a whoopie cushion, a guy in an inflatable fat suit with the words "Personal Trainer" across the chest, Julius Caesar, a mummy, and several other great ones. Here's a few pics:

(Anna and a mummy)

(We look like we're both from Olympus!)
(Anna and Caesar both won costume prizes)

(A very nice lady in a cool Renaissance outfit)
I ran into a few friends from my old workplace too, which was awesome. It was great to see them again!

(OFP Girls Reunion! Me, Michele, Rhonda, Val, and Angie)

(Angie in her awesome socks and me. Much better than our Woodstock picture- I'm 12 lbs lighter and not purple!)'s a nice shot of us on the track!

(Look! There's actually people way behind us!)

Sooo, another incredible experience. I'm already planning my next one- a Christmas-themed race in early December.

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Jessica said...

I am really proud of you! :)