Back to One-derland!

This week was a big week for me. 

On Halloween, I stepped onto the scale with my eyes closed and fingers crossed. I was hoping, praying, that I'd meet my October weight goal. That I would finally make it under 200 lbs.

I weighed in at 198! Not only did I meet the goal, that extra one pound lost rounded my total weight loss to 40 lbs! This accomplishment was my personal Milestone #2, which meant...time for photo updates!

I was so pleasantly surprised when I uploaded these to my laptop. Yeah, I've still got a long way to go, but I really don't hate these pictures of me in a sleeveless top and shorts. I'm starting to see a womanly figure again. If you don't, take a look at those pictures alongside the ones from January 1 of this year and you'll see what I mean:

(Click to enlarge...if you dare)
Thank you, Lord! The evidence is obvious. I'm shrinking! My middle is flattening! I barely even recognize the face from that first picture any more.

Aside from the number on the scale and the comparison photos, I had another huge moment this week. I can't remember if I've talked about it on here or not, but a few months ago, I got a goal dress. Not like an ultimate goal dress (where I'd have to be 150 lbs or less to put my right foot in it), but an I-can-probably-wear-this-when-I'm-under-200-again goal dress. The day I tried it on the store's dressing room, it wouldn't zip over my hips. But I loved it. And it was on sale. I knew I would wear it someday if I didn't give up. So, I brought it home and hung it up on my wall where I would see it every day.

I hadn't tried it on since that day in the store. Until yesterday. And guess what???

It fits!
A junior's size XL. I can't believe I'm admitting this, but the last time I bought a dress from this brand it was a 2X. I know the hem is a bit shorter than I probably should be wearing at 198 lbs, but I don't really care at the moment. I'm too darn proud of myself.

Okay, well, I reckon that's enough photographs of my mug for this post. 

Just FYI, Milestone #3 will be < 180 lbs, which is when I, according to the BMI chart, will no longer be classified as obese. Just overweight. That seems a long way away, considering I haven't been under 180 since the Miss Gadsden State Pageant in 2007. (Oh, what the heck, how about one more picture for emphasis?)

2007. 174 lbs.
I was only 18 then.


I'll get there. Somehow. (To < 180 lbs. Not, er, 18 years of age.) I guess I'll just have to go out and buy another cute too-small dress to hang up for motivation! 

Or maybe the dress I wore in the pageant, if I can find it. Navigating my closet is almost as much of a challenge as losing the weight. 

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