From First 5K to First 10K

You've probably noticed how much I love doing side-by-side photo comparisons. Before and after pictures encourage and motivate me even more than a lower number on a scale or a smaller size jeans. Nothing shows the progress more obviously to me.

So, here's my latest one.

On the left, I have just finished my first race, the Woodstock 5K in August 2012. On the right, I am about to do my first 10K, the Adam's Heart Run in February 2013.

I should note that the one on the left was taken after the race, while the better one on the right was taken before (which explains the former purpley-ness and subsequent lack of it).

But wow.

So don't delete or throw away those hideous fat pictures. Keep them hidden away somewhere, then pull them out when you've made progress. The changes will amaze you.


Lacey said...

Yay!! Congratulations :D You have made a LOT of progress. Way to be!

Niken said...

i think you make a great progress!
and the most important thing about it, i guess it's about live more healthy and take a good care of ourselves. i'm jealous. i always fail to make work out as a routine.

Jennifer said...

Thank you! :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much! Taking care of your body is so important, yet so easy to neglect. Don't give up, though. Make little healthy choices here and there, and it will all add up for your benefit!

Jessica said...

You are looking so good, little lady.