Spring Is Here!

I'm so excited- today marks the first day of Spring 2013!

Too bad it doesn't feel like it outside. I needed my coat and gloves this morning. This weekend really spoiled me with its clear, sunny skies and highs in the mid-seventies. I'm craving more weather like that! Oh well. Soon.

I always think fall is my favorite time of year until spring rolls around. Then, of course, I think spring is my favorite until we're in October. I guess they're really about equal for me. They both glow with colorful beauty, just in different ways.

To me, one of the best things about spring is gardening. I always get this irrepressible urge to head over to Lowe's and buy out their garden center. This year, that urge is stronger than ever. I've never planted anything this early, but a couple of weeks ago, I bought an indoor herb growing kit that contained seeds of basil, parsley, cilantro, and rosemary (I think?). It only cost $6 at Dollar General, so I had low expectations. But I've already got some tiny baby sprouts shooting up! No idea what they are, though, because the seeds were all mixed together. Should be a fun surprise!

This will be my first spring living in an apartment, so I've been trying to research things you can grow in pots on a patio and such. Does anyone know anything about this? I'd appreciate any tips. I'll probably try some tomatoes, but I'm not sure what else.

Oh, and I made a new layout for spring. Isn't it so springy? I love pastels.

I hope you all have a great season!


Lacey said...

Happy Spring!!! I love Spring too and gardening is one of my favorite things! I just planted a bunch of vegetable seeds, so far the only thing sprouting is my tomatoes cause I planted those a few weeks earlier. Root vegetables like potatoes and carrots are good for containers, and also herbs will do great in pots. Last year I had a tomato plant in one of those large half wine barrel planters and it did great, but I think anything smaller than that would be too small for a tomato. Oh I did have a cherry tomato plant in a large terra cotta pot last year too and that did really well!

Good luck and have fun planting! :D I love your new layout, by the way!

Jennifer said...

Oooh, thanks for the tips!!! I'll have to give those a try. I hope your veggies turn out well! Have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

Love the new look and I agree. I am so happy spring is here! :)