10 Day Blog Challenge

I did one of these things a year or so ago on my old blog (which is now deleted). I sometimes wish I hadn't deleted it, because I know I'd enjoy going back and reading my old posts, if for no other reason than to feel better about myself nowadays... Anyway, that's why I do these somewhat pointless "challenges" every now and then; it's so interesting to come back to one of these after some time has passed and see how much I've changed. It shows growth. And hopefully maturity. (But probably not much of that.)

I'm going to be doing this myself, but it's also a great opportunity for me to get to know any of you bloggers out there reading this. So please help yourself to the image up there and get busy answering these questions on your own blog! Leave me a comment if you decide to, so I can go stalk your page.

Well, without further ado, I shall commence Day One: Ten Loves, a list of ten things I love right now in random order, enhanced with photos I *borrowed* from Weheartit.com and Bing Images.

1. Coldplay
We'll start with an easy, obvious one. My favorite band of all time. After a decade of hoping and trying, I finally got to see them in concert July 2012 (umm...no words can describe the awesomeness.). Hoping intensely that I will have the opportunity to see them live again! Few popular musicians these days are true artists, but they are. They haven't written a song yet that I don't like; I listen to all their albums without skipping songs. That's rare. "Green Eyes", "Fix You", "Yellow", "Talk", and "In My Place" are my top 5 favorites. No, wait. Add "Violet Hill". And "The Hardest Part". And you can't forget "Clocks".

I'm done.

2. Green
Since I was a little kid, green has been my favorite color. I always asked for a green sucker at the bank (back when they used to give those to kids). I wanted green Jell-O. Green hairbows. I seriously remember riding in the back of our big brown Astro van, staring out the window, watching the grass fly by in a beautiful green blur, thinking to myself, "Whoa. Greeeeen. So pretty." 

I still sort of do that. 

3. Sunrises
I'm ashamed of how many I've slept through over the years. I drive through a local state park on my way to work every morning and go right past a scenic overlook. When I first got this job, I whined about having to leave for work at 6:05 AM. But getting to see the sun rise above the mountains at the scenic point every single day is absolutely incredible. It's my favorite part of the day. (And I can't wait until school is out so I can do sunrise workouts again! Talking to God while running in the cool morning air, watching the sunrise...a wonderful experience.)

4. Yoga
Speaking of workouts, yoga is the best. I always start out kind of dreading it (like any other exercise). My body's tired, my joints are achy- I feel like I'm seventy-four instead of twenty-four. Then a few asanas and some deep breathing later, I'm magically cured. I feel warm and tingly all over, I'm more mentally alert, and my aches and pains are gone. And I'm also loving how I can bend a little farther and stretch a little deeper each time. The flexibility improvement has been really cool.

5. The Book of Romans
God has been showing me so many new things lately through the Scriptures. I started re-reading Luke around Christmas time, then after finishing it, I went on to Acts. Now I'm halfway through Romans. This time around, I really feel like I'm reading it for the first time. Like I've never even truly heard of Jesus until now. In Romans, it's all about the Christian life. The struggles of the first Christians; explanations about sin, salvation, and the law. I don't know. It's making sense like never before. I'm loving all the hope and meaning I'm discovering right now. 

6. Old Houses
Okay, so, while I'm being honest here, I'm going to admit that this is probably the root of my feelings for Ryan Gosling. If you've seen The Notebook, you know what I mean. I've always dreamed about my future husband buying me a rickety old house we've adored from afar for years, then fixing it up for us to live in. That's pretty much what Ryan did. He put a face to my dream... 

Anyway, they just don't make houses like that any more. Old homes have so much character. So many interesting little details. This renovation thing is a life goal for me.

7. Rainy Days
Comfy pants and an oversized sweater. A cup of steaming Earl Grey. A window with a view of rain showering down against the world outside. So nice. I love rainy days when I don't have to go anywhere. They're perfect for staying in and watching movies. 

Also, one might also recall the scene in The Notebook with the boat and the swans and the rain. 

8. Art History
I didn't know anything about art until I took a random Humanities class to fill up an extra elective spot my last year at community college. I had a fantastic teacher, Dr. Charles Hill. He focused on art history, and I grew just as passionate about it. At that time, I was president of Phi Theta Kappa, and the school paid for me and three other officers to go a PTK conference in Philadelphia. Dr. Hill and his wife were the chaperones on this trip, and they took me to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (home of the famous Rocky steps). Seeing the works of Monet and Degas and Dali in person, with my favorite teacher there to narrate, was one of the coolest things I've ever done. 

After that, I decided to minor in art history. My favorite period is probably the Renaissance. I'm a big Michelangelo fan. 

9. The Eleventh Doctor
Last year, I discovered Doctor Who and quickly went from, "This is cheesy, Rose is annoying, the makeups are lame, what the crap- attacking mannequins/living plastic?!?" to buying t-shirts, a bumper sticker, and saying "Allons-y!" all the time. It was all kicks and giggles until The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) died and regenerated into Matt Smith. (If you don't know, The Doctor doesn't die; he "regenerates", as in every cell in his body recreates itself and he gets a new look. And a new actor plays him.) This is a quite painful transition when you get attached to the current doctor/actor. (And I did; I have a slightly embarrassing shirt with David Tennant's face on it.) So I quit watching for a while. Then, after a period of healing, I came back. And the obsession got worse than ever.

The Eleventh Doctor is clumsy, twitchy, and ridiculous. He's playful and silly, yet there's a real sadness and an oldness about him at the same time. And really, how could you not love someone who pops up holding a mop and wearing a fez with no explanation?

10. Bacon Cheese Fries
It's sad how many times I stopped myself from listing food items on here. At number ten, the last one, I'm finally giving in.

This is one of those dishes that puts on three extra pounds, makes your stomach hurt for a day or two, and keeps you from using the bathroom for a week, but man, oh, man, is it tasty. Dip those bad boys in some ranch and you've got yourself a deliciously greasy heart attack on a plate. 

Why does the best-tasting food have to be so bad for you?

That's it. What are ten loves of yours? Take the 10 Day Blog Challenge with me!


Jessica said...

I so want to do this, but I JUST did a blog challenge and I don't want to overload my very few readers...haha. Love this though! :) Now I'm craving bacon cheese fries but thankfully, we have no bacon. A good way to say no. I'm glad you are loving Romans...I love Paul's writings...but er...you know that, probably.

I fully believe that you will get that old house to renovate someday! It may be with me and a dozen cats, but it will happen. :)

Jennifer said...

I understand! I almost didn't do it, because I don't want to scare away the few readers I do have lurking out there!

And um, you can live with me, but a dozen cats are NOT allowed in my dream house.

Lacey said...

Oh my gosh!!! I would get along with you and your sis SO much, I swear. Each time I read yours and hers posts I find myself saying "ahh mee too!!" in my head repeatedly! Hahaha.

Basically YES to all of these except the bacon fries and Dr. Who... I'm a vegetarian since birth and I haven't jumped on the DW bandwagon yet, but I'm sure I will someday haha.

Art history is one of my favorites! I kept all of my textbooks from those classes and frequent them still. Michelangelo is DEFINITELY a favorite as well. I'm actually reading his letters/poetry currently, have you ever read them? He was a marvelous poet as well.

Hope your day is fantastic!! I may just join you on this challenge :))

Jessica said...

er no go then

Jennifer said...

I think we would all get along great too! :)

Wow, that's really cool that you've been a vegetarian since birth! Despite how much I love the flavor of bacon, I really don't eat that much meat any more, especially red meat, and I've been trying to incorporate more meatless dishes into my diet. Maybe you can share some of your favorite recipes!

No, I've never read any of Michaelangelo's writings, but I well definitely have to look into that now! Thanks!

And thanks for reading and commenting! Talk to you later!