Day Five: 6 Fears

I don't wanna get too intense or emotional or anything with this, so I'm just going to deal with a few of my dumbest phobias. You're probably thinking, "A few? How many fears do you have???" Yes, well, let me just remind you I didn't get sorted into Gryffindor, okay?

1. Rats/Mice

This is number one. Seriously. This is a legitimate phobia for me. I don't know what it is about them, but I can't even look at them in person. One time (embarrassingly recently), my sister's cat killed a mouse and left it on our front doorstep. I found it when I came home from work one night, and I, er, started screaming and wouldn't go in the front door. It was like I was paralyzed. I could not physically step over it.

Just a warning: don't ever joke around with me about this one. Rats and mice turn me into a mad woman.

2. Big Dogs

Most animals make me really nervous and jumpy, but I'm truly scared of big dogs. I'm certain this is because I was attacked by a Rottweiler as a young kid. I was okay, thanks to my dad, who was right by me and kicked the crap out of the dog, but I have horribly vivid memories of that moment that have scarred me for life.

3. Clowns

Uh, self-explanatory.

4. Marionettes 

Also self-explanatory.

5. A Ghost Following Me Home From a Cemetery

This one's pretty dumb, considering I'm not sure I even believe in ghosts. But still. I like to visit graveyards. I enjoy reading the names on the tombstones and admiring all the sculptures and statues. However, I've seen enough episodes of Celebrity Ghost Stories to have this nagging, disconcerting thought that some lingering restless spirit might latch onto me while I'm wandering among the dead, follow me home, and haunt me.

6. Falling on a Fork

...They're sharp. And I'm clumsy. So it's easy to imagine this happening to me. And it would be such a sad way to die, especially as an overweight person. The fork was ultimately her downfall. Just too ironic.

What are some of your fears?

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Lacey said...

HAHAHAHA yikes!! These are all horrible... except I love dogs so that one's just sad.