Day Seven: 4 People You Find Attractive- Same and Opposite Sex

Opposite Sex

1. Ryan Gosling

Wow, big shocker there, huh? I hate to be one of the 95% of American females who get all googly-eyed over the guy, but I can't help it. He's handsome, he's got great style, he wears hipster glasses and tucks books under his arm as he roams the streets... I'm sorry. But from what I've seen of him in interviews and such, he seems like a pretty nice guy.

2. Jensen Ackles

Another big surprise, right? But I couldn't make this list without putting Dean Winchester on here!

3. Bradley James

Ever seen Merlin? Go watch it. And fall in love with King Arthur. Mmm. I'd be his Guinevere any day.

4. Colin O'Donoguhe 

Captain Hook on Once Upon a Time. Ohhhh man. Eyeliner, hook-hand, and all, he is one incredibly hot pirate.

Same Sex

1. Karen Gillan

I think Karen is adorable, and I pretty much wish we could trade faces. And lives.

2. Bryce Dallas Howard

She has a unique look. And great hair.

3. Amy Adams

Clearly, I have some creepy obsession with redheads.

4. Amanda Seyfried

Well, even though she's not ginger, she has gorgeous blue eyes and seriously amazing hair. Arguably the best hair in Hollywood. I'm jealous.


Lacey said...

Wow.. out of the guys you listed, the only one I've ever seen or heard of is Ryan Gosling! No idea who those other guys are but they *are* good lookin' :P

I always thought Bryce Dallas Howard was sooooooo pretty!

Jennifer said...

LOL! Maybe I was feeling a little embarrassed about choosing such a popular guy, I felt the need to make up for it with three other unknowns. IDK! :)

And she is, isn't she? I put that she has a unique look, because there's something kind of ethereal about her. Like a fairy or an elf or something.