Day Six: 5 Favorite Names

Alrighty. If you know me, you know about my name obsession. I'm not pregnant, and I won't be any time soon, but I visit and almost daily to see what the names of the day are. I enjoy watching the trends, reading the name lists, and stumbling upon rare names I've never seen before.

This isn't a new thing for me. I started making my own favorite baby name lists when I was really young. I mean, I have some dated as far back as 1996. In 1996, I was seven. Seven.

My favorite names are always changing, so here's the ones I'm currently loving:


1. Gracie

This one has actually been my top favorite girl name for a while now. I've actually had several vivid dreams in which I've had a little girl named Gracie. So this one has become kind of sentimental to me.

2. Willa

I don't know if I could pull it off or not, but it's a pretty, soft, feminine name that's not used much.

3. Amelia

An elegant, vintage name with nice namesakes like Amelia Earhart. It does remind me of Amelia Bedelia, though.

4. Pearl

I really can't believe Pearl has made it to my list, but it's a classic, and I'm liking it more and more. It kind of ranks with Willa in the Not-Sure-I-Can-Pull-It-Off category.

5. Ada

I recently heard this on House Hunters International. A young couple moving to Italy had an adorable baby girl named Ada. It's a great alternative to one of my favorites that's gotten way too popular, Ava.


1. Nate

This one has been a favorite of mine even longer than Gracie has. It started when I was about thirteen and in love with Plus One's Nate Cole. But I still love the name today. It's short and easy, and it has a friendly quality about it.

2. Ephraim

I started loving this name after hearing it on Everwood. I love the way Ephraim sounds, but I'm just not crazy about how it looks/how it's spelled. But I really can't stand alternate spellings of names, like Efrem or Efram either. So...I am torn over Ephraim.

3. Collin 

I love Collin. I prefer the spelling of "Colin", but some people, including my mom, pronounce that as "Colon", which I do not like for obvious reasons. I'm pretty sure I used Collin for a baby boy I had on The Sims.

4. Finn

This is a trendy one, but I love it anyway. I'm thinking it may be taking off right now because of Finnick in The Hunger Games. (Finnick, btw, is also a cool name.)

5. Callum 

Did I mention I also keep up with the top baby names in the UK? That's where I heard about Callum, a lovely Scottish name that means "dove". It's kind of a mix between Ephraim and Collin, now that I think about it.

Okay, I wanna hear some of your favorite names in the comments!


Lacey said...

I LOVE all the girl names!! Amelia and Willa especially. So cute! I thought of Amelia Bedelia too... hahaha. I also started name lists when I was little, but most of them I'm not a fan of anymore. Here's some of my current faves...

Boys: Henry (always LOVED this one), Peter, Lincoln, Jack, and Sam

Girls: January, Violet, Willow, Meadow, and Lyla

I'm nowhere near to having children so I'm sure by the time I do I'll have all new names picked out... haha!

Jessica said...

I love the names you chose and also the names Lacey listed!

You know I'm crazy about v's.

Boys: Oliver, Alex, Everett, Branson(don't judge) Evan, Seth, Luke, and Paul.

Girls: Audrey, Elinor, Alice, Olivia, Vivian (Vivvie for short...totes adorbs) Emeline. This may be too much, but I like Aster. Also really like Mae as a middle name. I'm into OLD names, obviously.

Jennifer said...

Ooooh, I love your names, especially the boys!!!

My favorites have changed drastically over the years too. That list from when I was seven consisted mostly of names that my friends had, like Stephanie and Andrea. Names I would NEVER use now! So who knows what names we'll like when we have babies to name?

Jennifer said...

Yes, I know how you are about your V names, but for good reasons! I love all of your names, too, especially Everett and Audrey. You HAVE to have a little girl named Audrey. Vivian is really nice too, and Vivvie is cute. I also love Emmeline with two M's.