I just stumbled over something I didn't see coming.

Just hours after I published my last inspirational post about being thankful regardless of the circumstances, the superintendent of my school system (the name of which I'm blurring out and not revealing; too many creepers in the world) came by my office and handed me this (sorry it's a cheap cell phone pic):

Didn't see that coming. AT ALL.

My supervisor kind of freaked out. She had no idea and really, truly thought the nursing staff was safe. But the nurse who works at the middle/elementary school also received one of these. With no warning.

However, the superintendent told us this is a formality, and there's still a good chance we'll be able to be rehired if they can adjust the budget accordingly. We will know for sure whether or not this will happen by next Thursday, and for that, I'm so glad. They're making most pink-slipped employees wait until August for the final word. Imagine having to wait all summer to know whether or not you're going to have a job when school starts. All the stressing and pinching pennies... Torture.

Well, I have an amazing boss. I really do. She is incredibly kind and easygoing, and she has helped guide me with no pressure or intimidation these first few months on the job. I could see how genuinely upset she was today for me, and she proved it when she surprised me with this:

She showed up to my office with lunch; she'd sneaked out and bought it from one of my favorite places. She even got me dessert: a scrumptious piece of freshly-made strawberry cake. And she refused to take any money for it.

I am so, so thankful that even in the midst of what seems like constant adversity, God still brings little joys like this into my life. He's placed me with Godly co-workers who are trying to lift me up. And they're praying with me about this.

So. Now I just wait. And pray.


Jessica said...

You know that I am praying about this. God knows His plan and what is best for you, whether it is keeping this job or finding something else. I love you, Jenny Jean.

Jennifer said...

Thank you, sister. I love you too, Jessie Jean! (I am Jenny June. Get it right.)

Jessica said...

BAHAHAHA I FORGOT OOPS. Jenny June...totes what I meant...