Day #6- Saturday

6:35 AM- Breakfast

I had a toasted slice of Ezekiel bread with 1 tbsp peanut butter and half of a navel orange. 1 cup water.

7:30 AM- Run

The local running club has been hosting training runs for the big upcoming Woodstock 5K I've been talking about on here (Woodstock was my very first race). The race is in August, so I've been trying to prepare for it the best I can. Anna went with me today to try it out. We finished the course in less than forty minutes; not sure about our exact time because I didn't take my watch. Finished about 4 cups of water.

9:45 AM- Tea

Anna came over to the apartment after the training run and we had tea. Earl Grey with stevia and a drop of fat free milk, into which I dipped these delicious Kashi Pumpkin Spice Flax bars (there's 2 in a 1-serving pack). So good!

1:00 PM- Lunch

Meatless spinach and mushroom pasta bake with a side salad and 1 tbsp thousand island dressing. 3 cups water. A bit splurgy, but it was meatless, and I ate about half as much as I wanted. Not sure about the calorie count though. :\

5:45 PM- Dinner

Welp. The inevitable.

Jessica and I went to the parents' house for the afternoon. When the discussion of dinner came around, Daddy said he wanted to try one of the new bacon cheeseburgers from McDonald's. I immediately thought Jessica and I would go to the drive-thru, get everyone's food there except for me, and I would eat something else healthier later. But I was so hungry. Plus, I wanted to eat with my family. Those opportunities are rare nowadays.

So, all things considered, I think I did pretty well. I got a cheeseburger Happy Meal and drank water instead of the soda that came with it. Calorie-wise, it wasn't too terrible. The burger was 300 calories, the ridiculously tiny order of fries was 100, and the apple slices were 15. And I do appreciate the apple slices.

But you know, it wasn't even that great. The fries were cold. I tried not to chew the beef too much. And really, the meal itself looks quite gross in this picture, especially when compared to all the colorful, vibrant, healthful meals I've been eating lately. Just something to think about. I wish I could get these thoughts in my head all the time and keep them there. Junk food is called junk food for a reason.

7:35 PM- Snack

And my little Happy Meal left me hungry before too long. More apple slices and yogurt/peanut butter/honey/cinnamon dip.

I feel like today could have been better, especially with the weigh-in coming up on Monday. But it definitely could have gone a whole lot worse. Weekends are just really hard for me.


Niken said...

Jennifer, first of all let me say that you're wonderful!
i wish i could have half of your determination. i promised myself many times to live more healthy, and i broke it too many times as well.

Lacey said...

Hey, ONE bad meal out of an entire week of recording? That's not bad at all. That's 1/18 so far. Don't even sweat it! It looks like its made you even more determined to not eat junk again, so that's good! I'm proud of you girl :)

Hope your Sunday is blessed!

Jennifer said...

Aww, thank you so much! That's very sweet. We'll always end up making some kind of mistakes. The important thing is that we don't give up, that we come BACK from those mistakes. :)

Jennifer said...

Wow, that's a great way to look at it. Thanks! If I can just keep that up ratio from now on...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!

Jessica said...

You did a LOT better than some of our weekends in the past...look at it that way.

And we saved money by staying in town and not driving to B'ham or even Gadsden like I'm sure we both wanted to do. We saved money and calories this weekend.

You are doing a great job. Don't let one not-so-great day get you down!