July So Far

I kicked off The Month of No Fear with some pretty sorry attempts at being fearless, and some other not so sorry ones. Not sure what I was thinking, setting the goal of doing something scary every day. I've learned going out and doing scary things costs more money than you would think, and right now, I just don't have it to spend on random scary escapades.

I will now share the slightly embarrassing scary/uncomfortable things I've done so far.

July 1. Cooked a new and slightly questionable recipe for a guest.

This one's pretty sad because it was just Anna, and I kind of do this every time she comes over to eat with me. Still, she is a guest, and I'd never tried any of the things I made for us (baked feta-crusted salmon, steamed wild rice and quinoa, and roasted vegetables with carrots), so it made me quite nervous.

July 2. Went to Elevation.

This one's legit; very outside my comfort zone. Elevation is an event that a local church does for youth/young adults. It's a little different from a normal worship service. More like the conferences our youth minister used to take us to, with a worship band, some videos, and a guest speaker. Jessica and I went together, which was a good thing, because neither of us knew anyone there. But it was a wonderful experience. I learned a lot and even met 3 new people.

July 3. Wore shorts.

This sounds so pathetic, but I promise, this was scary for me. I haven't worn shorts out in public since....I don't know. I've never really done shorts. I didn't like the way they looked on me even when I was a skinny 14-year-old, and of course, when I got over 200 pounds, shorts were out of the question.

But it's gotten really hot and humid as it does in July in Alabama, and I just didn't feel like wearing jeans. So I went to Old Navy, bought 3 pairs of size tens, and wore them. Out. In public. I went out to eat, went shopping at the mall, went to Target...

But I didn't take a picture. Having the confidence to wear them is one thing. Being able to face how they look in a photograph is another. I was afraid if I saw how I actually looked in the shorts, I would never wear them again. Kinda sad.

July 4. Ran on a slippery track.

I'm realizing how sad these all sound, but seriously. This is me we're talking about.

Okay, I needed to get in a second run for the week, but it was pouring down rain outside and the gym was closed (Independence Day). I went on to the park, thinking it might let up by the time I got there.

It did not.

In addition to the falling rain, the paved walking track looked slick with rainwater. I stepped onto it carefully and my shoes slid a little. That's when I said, "Okay. I'm the person who managed to cut myself on a toothbrush once. I could die here. Let's go home." But I didn't go home. I put in my headphones and ran anyway.

And I didn't die. I didn't even fall or slide into the splits or anything.

July 5. Went out on a Friday night.

You may have noticed I'm an introverted 74-year-old woman with hermit tendencies. I avoid other people, especially crowds, as much as possible. And especially on a Friday night. All the steakhouses have ridiculous waits. The mall becomes a nightmare. I prefer to stay home and do my outside-the-house business on other nights. Like Tuesdays. Tuesdays are cool.

But in light of this challenge, I told my sister to get dressed, put on makeup, fix hair...we're hittin' the town! And that's what we did.

We didn't want to spend money out at a restaurant, though, so we ate at home first. Then we headed to Books-A-Million, a local Friday night hot-spot (Again, small town). Something drew me immediately to the Doctor Who merch table, where I posed with this nice pair of TARDIS knee socks. (...why?)

After that, we went to the Exchange, an outdoor shopping mall that is another gathering place for locals. We just wandered around aimlessly, wondering how to meet strangers in such a setting. Didn't figure it out.

We ended up at Los Mex for dessert, where I had the guts to try something I've been wanting to try there for a long time. Churros.

They weren't as great as I'd hoped, especially considering how many calories they probably contained. Anyway, after that, we went back home, confused as to why so many people feel the need to go out into that every weekend.

July 6.  Joined a dating site.

Huge, for multiple reasons: 1) This site is not Plenty of Fish, the free one with all the internet predators. This site costs a good bit of money, 2) Dating is about as socially uncomfortable as it gets for me, 3) I haven't been confident enough to truly consider dating in a very long time. And of course, 4) You never know who you might meet on such a site. More creepers, some okay guys I don't click with, or, possibly, "The One".

I know people will judge, but I just don't know any single guys. I really don't! And no one else seems to either, because when people ask me, "Why are you still single?", I always reply, "Do you know anyone?" And they always stop, think, then say, with sudden realization, "No. I sure don't."

And the guys I have talked to in recent times have shared little to none of my interests, dreams, or goals. They like to hunt, fish, and watch Duck Dynasty. Or they like to show off their diamond earrings, listen to Tupac, and "kick it in the 'hood." (True story.)

So, I figured a reputable site that introduces you to people who match your answers could be a great idea. So far, so good.

July 7. Visited a new church.

I've recently shared my struggles with finding a church. I'm still searching for a place to call home.

This week, I decided to go to the church that hosted the Elevation event on Tuesday. Jessica and I were both so impressed by how friendly everyone was and how genuine the atmosphere of worship felt, so we wanted to try one of their Sunday morning services. I got up, got ready, and dragged her with me.

And it was another great experience! So many people welcomed us and introduced themselves. They made us feel right at home, even more than the people at the church I grew up in did. The pastor gave a very applicable, inspiring sermon on dealing with depression. I'm definitely planning to go back there.

July 8. Sent an e-mail to a possible suitor.

Not sure anyone still uses "suitor", but I don't know what else to say. I sent an e-mail to one of the guys I've been communicating with on the dating site I joined last week. Just regular get-to-know-you stuff. The plot thickens.

That's it so far. I'm having trouble thinking of things that don't cost money. Any ideas?

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Jessica said...

Hahaha...we are such hermits...doing slightly better though!

Lacey said...

Okay, we are seriously soul-mates, because as I was going down your list I kept thinking, "Wow! She is so brave! I would never be able to do that!" hahaha. So, kudos! Even if these things seem small to most people, you are a hero in this fellow 74-year old's eyes. lol!

I seriously wish we lived in the same town!!! We would be such great friends! :)

Soooo happy for you that you are living up July! And SO happy you went to the young adults church! I just recently found a church I call home and it is such an incredible feeling. Oh! You'll be proud of me! I am going to a SMALL GROUP starting this Sunday! That is a bit terrifying because there is very tiny chance of anonymity.

Ahhh, all my close friends are doing the dating site thing. I really don't want to, and feel so stubborn about it. Trust me, there are NO guys here either. Nobody who meets my standards. But I just have an odd peace that God will bring him into my life, somehow. I dunno. It is tempting to try the online dating thing though. Keep us posted on that ;)

khushi yadav said...
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Jennifer said...

I know! Baby steps.

Jennifer said...

Well, thank you, fellow 74-year-old! I sooo wish we lived closer too! Sadly, I think we're about as far apart as people can get in the United States. :(

And wow, congrats on having the guts to go to a small group! I know exactly what you mean. It scares me too! You can't hide any more; you HAVE to talk to people. But good luck! I hope it goes well. Don't chicken out!!!

What you said about having peace that God will bring the right man into your life really impressed me. I admire your attitude, and your commitment. I have experienced that peace as well, but it's difficult to just wait while everyone keeps pressuring me. I get things like, "He's not gonna drop out of the sky, crash through the roof of your apartment, and land in your living room." Soooo...I thought I'd try to put forth some effort.

Even though now I'm having doubts and feeling something close to regret. I feel like I might miss the guy God wants me to marry if I start "settling" on guys I find on this dating site, all because I gave in to peer pressure and wouldn't simply wait for God to send the right man my way.

Because you know, if God really wanted him to, he COULD crash through the roof of my apartment. Stranger things have happened.

Anyway, stay strong, Lacey, and only do what you feel the Lord is leading you to do. I feel confident that He has a plan for each of us, and if we'll just trust Him and wait patiently, He will provide.

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for "reading" my blog, Khushi! I agree, the countryside in that photo of the churros is quite breathtaking.

Lacey said...

Totally agree. Honestly I seriously considered trying the dating sites, but I realized my motivating to consider it was because my friends did it, and I was the only one in our group who wasn't dating. It's a struggle, because I WANT a guy in my life very much, but at the same time I just don't think I'd be following God if I were to try that.

That said, that's my story. I don't think dating websites are sinful, it's all about your attitude and motives going in to it. If you are prayerfully pursuing the best in that area of your life and staying sharp with God's word, I really don't think that's a bad way to meet someone! I've also been scarred in the past from a really bad experience I had with someone I met online, so that's another reason why I'm so against it (for me). So, I encourage you to just pray about it and don't feel guilty if you feel peace about doing it! I wish you the best too and I can't wait until you find an awesome guy :)

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