That IS Short

I've been thinking about it for a while now. 

It all began with pinning pictures of Michelle Williams' gorgeous platinum pixie to my Beauty board on Pinterest. Then came my slightly creepy obsession with Once Upon A Time's Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard (played by Ginnifer Goodwin) and her amazingly perfect hair (And clothes. And apartment. And prince.).

Those two actresses gave me unrealistic expectations of what short hair could be.

Well, I've been irritated with my ridiculously thick, naturally wavy mane for a very long time. Lately, it's grown so out of control, I've had to pull it up in a frizzy, bulky ponytail nearly every single day. I'd been doing those sock curls (because there was just too much hair to try to straighten or curl with an iron), but that only worked on rare occasions. 

Soooo...I chopped it. 

It was a very spontaneous decision I made Friday afternoon on the way home from work. I had a headache. I figured my ponytail was too tight, but I didn't want to take it down and unleash the beast. That's when it hit me. Let's go get a pixie cut! 

Instead of driving on to my apartment, I took an unexpected right turn and headed straight to the salon, where I walked in and asked the available stylist to work a miracle on the color-damaged mess growing out of my head.

The stylist who took me back was hilarious, by the way. He was a portly young African American guy who looked like the last person you'd expect to see cutting hair in a stylish salon. I have to share the conversation we had because I found it too amusing:

"I'm feeling bold," I said. "I want something drastic."

His eyes widened with something very much like fear. "Uhh...what does drastic mean to you?"

"At this point, drastic would be shaving it."

I'd have thought it impossible, but his brown eyes grew even wider. "Okay, okay, okay, Imma pull you away from that ledge right now, girlfriend."

"How about a pixie?"

"A PIXIE?!?" He half-shouted. He shook his head and corrected me in a reasonable voice. "A bob."

", shorter than a bob. I'm thinking a pixie."

"That short? You're serious?"

"Yes! I'm tired of all this hair! Do you know who Ginnifer Goodwin is?"

"No. Hang on." He got his phone, pulled up Google, and did an image search for Ginnifer Goodwin. "OH SWEET JESUS, THAT IS SHORT!"

He said he thought The Ginnifer Goodwin was too drastic, and he wanted to meet me somewhere in the middle. "I'm gonna create a masterpiece, just for you. Something between Ginnifer Goodwin and Victoria Beckham. Do you trust me?"

Not really. He was a lot more Keenan Thompson than Cinna. But I was already in the chair. "Yes, I trust you!"

"Well, okay, then, girl. I'm about to give you a total transformation."

I don't know, the way he said it, the look on his face... It was such an epic moment, like one of those guilty pleasure makeover shows I secretly like to watch.

He held the scissors at the nape of my neck and drew in a deep breath. "You sure you wanna do this?"

"Yep. I'm all in now."

"Okay, well, you about to be." He clicked the scissors, snipping off a good eight inches of hair. "Oooh, you for sure all in now."

He wouldn't let me see it until it was finished. Then he whirled me around dramatically and said, "Meet the new you." (Ahh! Just like a makeover show!) And I loved it!!!

I feel 100x better. It takes like 30 seconds to wash it, 2 minutes to blow dry, and 2 minutes to straighten. That's exactly what a lazy, low-maintenance lady like me needs!

I have to relate this back to July: The Month of No Fear. I know I wouldn't have had the guts to do something so crazily spontaneous and drastic before. That month's challenge really brought something out in me. I have to wonder...what borderline stupid thing is next?

You can count on hair photo shoots to come soon!


srrraah said...

It's adorable!! :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you!

Lacey said...

You are hilarious. First, that was an incredibly epic experience you had at the salon!! I wish that would happen to me whenever I've gone, haha! That is totally just like What Not to Wear, I love it! Second, your hair is adorable!!!!!!!! I am a huge fan of long hair, but this cut really suites you! I'm planning on cutting my hair in the Spring, I hope I have as much of an awesome experience as you, haha!

P.S. I adore your sweater in the pic too. Overall this is an adorable post! lol!

Anna Marie Schaefer said...

Love the post!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! (still waiting for your blog...)

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Lacey! It really was JUST like What Not To Wear, which was amazing! Now if I could just have $5000 for a wardrobe makeover...

What do you want to do with your hair next year?