Disney Day


Among the new-to-me rituals of public high school education is Homecoming Week. Or “Spirit Week” as the kids are saying these days. This happened two weeks ago (and yes, I'm just now getting around to this post). Each day had a different theme. ‘Merica Monday. Tacky Tuesday. Disney Day. Preps vs. Nerds. Safari Day.

Of course, being a bit of a Disney nerd, I LOVED Disney Day, where everyone was supposed to dress up as a Disney character. It was like a Disney parade that morning, all the costumes filing by in the hall, Ariels, Belles, Cruellas, Tinkerbells, everyone checking out each other’s outfits and taking pictures. I had to get it on the fun. I picked a character I doubted anyone else would (mainly because it would give me a legit excuse to speak with an English accent all day): Mary Poppins!

I put this together the night before after a quick trip to the thrift store. The entire ensemble cost $8.00. I already had the hat, but I added the flowers and berries. I got this pathetic little stem from the floral section at the thrift store; it was marked 25 cents, but it was so trashy, the cashier let me have it for free. (lol) I plucked off the little flowers and berries and attached them to the hat with tape (cheap and very redneck of me, but it worked!).

I had so much fun with this, and I got so many compliments! A few kids and teachers snapped my photo, and eventually, the yearbook staff came around to get one (SCORE! Made the yearbook!).

I had fun making “Spoonful of Sugar” references when I gave out medications. Of course, there were a couple of lame-os who didn’t get it. I received one very rude, “Who are you supposed to be?” And when I replied, in my cheeriest English voice, “Mary Poppins!”, they stared blankly and asked, “Who?”


Just… just don’t.

If tomorrow were Disney Day for you, who/what would you dress up as?


Lacey said...

Oh my gosh I love it!!!!! I just finished reading Mary Poppins a few weeks ago! You look awesome, and those kids who didn't get your references are seriously lame. What are they teaching kids these days, anyway?!!?!

If tomorrow were Disney Day, I would dress up as Cruella DeVille... which I will be doing on Halloween! lol. Seriously, I am such a Disney nerd that I would dress up as almost any character. I always thought Jane from Tarzan would be fun, or the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio (seriously considering her for Halloween next year! She is sooo pretty. Can we have Halloween more than once per year? lol).

Anna Marie Schaefer said...

Sooooo awesome! And I just need to say that your waist looks incredibly tiny.

Jessica said...

You made a good Mary Poppins! (For some reason I find it REALLY difficult to type Mary Poppins. I kept typing marry poopins.) I'd like to be Maurice from Beauty and the Beast. I kid, I kid...lol. I agree with Lacey that Cruella DeVille would be incredibly fun. Or even Yzma. Snow White would probably be the only look I could pull off though!

Jennifer said...

For real! This generation....

I can't wait to see your Cruella costume! Take lots of pics! All of those costumes sound fun, but I do LOVE costumes. I agree, there should be more dress-up holidays!

Jennifer said...

Well, gee, thanks!

(Though I'm fairly certain that's only because the high collar makes the bosom area look so abnormally large, the waist seems small in comparison...)

Jennifer said...

LOL Mary Poopins. You'd make a GREAT Yzma! And Snow White, of course. It'd be sooo fun to do the Once Upon A Time version!