Yard Sale

After weeks of preparation, we spent the weekend pulling off a huge yard sale. 

I think it was the first time my parents' closets have been cleaned in their 33 years of marriage. The first time our family's Christmas decorations have been sifted through. The contents of their house combined with random junk from the apartment equaled SO. MUCH. STUFF.

We did really well, despite the fact that our first batch of customers walked away with a backpack full of goodies without paying. I sold my recliner and my corner desk, two big items I've been wanting to get rid of. I even sold my old keyboard stand (which is held together by a wire coat hanger; I've had the thing since I was like 9 years old). We needed more tables to put things on, so I stuck a piece of plywood I found in our backyard on my keyboard stand, and some old lady wanted to buy it. I got $2 for that junk treasure!

The things people buy at yard sales really amuses me. From that lady and the keyboard stand to the unlikely man who bought my Little House on the Prairie Guidebook.

In other news: IT'S OCTOBER! Time for sweaters, scarves, and boots. Clear blue skies. Crisp, clean air. Changing leaves. Halloween. All things pumpkin. I love this time of year!

Speaking of Halloween, any costume ideas? I'm planning to do a costume race in a few weeks that ventures through a zombie-infested area. Sounds like some good motivation to run!


Lacey said...

Yay! Glad the yard sale went well :) That is SO funny that a guy bought the little house book... you could probably safely assume it was for a daughter or niece or something, but its much more entertaining to believe that he wanted it himself :P hahaha

Yeah October!! Pumpkins galore!

Jennifer said...

Yes, I'm sure that man was getting it as a surprise for some special female in his life, but I prefer to think he's a fan himself! :)

Anna Marie Schaefer said...

If I get to do anything for Halloween, I want to take Sabre.... We can be Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Not only is this costume perfect because Sabre looks so wolf-like... but it comes complete with a built-in short joke for me.

Poppy Lee Jones said...

omg i wish i'd been there! i bet i'd have bought tons of stuff, haha! i love yard sales because one man's trash can LITERALLY be another man's treasure! xx

Jennifer said...

Ahh! That would be so cool!!!

Jennifer said...

I wish you'd been there too, then! lol I love going to yard sales too. Even though I'd just gotten rid of a ton of junk, I went to 2 this weekend and bought some goodies!