Here's the deets:

I finished my novel with a final word count of 63,215, way above and beyond the goal of 50,000! Huzzah!

I accomplished this spectacular feat on Wednesday, November 27. I took the day off from writing yesterday since it was Thanksgiving, but today, the editing and revision will officially begin.

And as you may have noticed, I am not currently doing that.

Nope. I'm online, updating my blog after I've already wasted a couple of hours Facebook creeping and scrolling through page after page of pins on Pinterest. I know. I'm totally procrastinating. I'm scared to read what I've written. Since I haven't allowed myself to look back and read anything, I'm pretty certain it's 63,215 words of pure crap.

Buuuut I have to hope that there's some decent, usable stuff in those 215+ pages. Surely there's something I can work with.

But you know what? Even if there isn't, at least I have spent the past month strengthening my writing muscle. It's been a long time since I've put this much of myself into a story, and I know the experience has helped me grow as a writer. So no matter what, I'm proud of myself for doing this. For proving to myself that I can accomplish my goals if I only have the courage to try.

Alright. I'm off to sift the wreckage.


Lacey said...

Hah, YAY!!!!!!! I am SO glad to hear you made it! Even if it's pure crap, which I HIGHLY doubt it is, you still made the commitment and you surpassed it. It's a big deal. You definitely deserve a real treasure chest. lol!

Jennifer said...

Thanks!!! I still can't quite believe I finished it. Ahhh. NaNo was awesome, and I'm already planning for next year!