2013: Year in Review

Things I did in 2013:

1. I visited a place I’d never been: Savannah, Georgia.

2. I started a new job- my first real “adult” job- as the nurse for a public high school.

3. I initiated and lead a Biggest Loser contest at work for the faculty and staff. A total of eighteen people participated, and as a group, we lost 262 pounds.

4. I moved out. (Then got a bad, bad taste of apartment life and moved back in with parents.)

5. I read 6 historic and modern classics I’ve never read before: 1) Jane Eyre by Emily Brontë, 2) My Antonia by Willa Cather, 3) Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, 4) Macbeth by William Shakespeare, 5) 1984 by George Orwell, 6) The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom.

6. I discovered the many joys and benefits of yoga. (And after a few months, became flexible enough to do the Mermaid posture!)

7. I completely obliterated my 2013 running goal. The goal: to run 1 mile without stopping to walk. The accomplishment: I ran a full 5K- 3.1 miles- nonstop. Nearly died, but I didn’t take walking breaks!

8. I joined the Anniston Runners Club.

9. I completed five 5Ks, one of which was a really fun themed race- The Whirlwind of Color 5K color run, and another that was a virtual race for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary (got a cool participation medal for that one!) (Strides of March 5K, Run Around Town 5K, Whirlwind of Color 5K, Woodstock 5K, Doctor Who 5K)

10. I completed not one, but two 10Ks. And one of them was on Thanksgiving morning.

11. I met The Doctor! (And cosplayed as River Song; and really, how appropriate was it that I met Ten, and that I had Eleven's sonic screwdriver? *embarrassing fangirl squee*)

12. I saw Needtobreathe in concert.

13. I took swimming lessons. I faced a major fear by going into the deep end; now I can swim.

14. I got a ridiculously drastic haircut.

16. I started a recycling center at home.
19. I filmed and uploaded 2 covers to YouTube: 1) Needtobreathe’s “Disaster Road”, 2) Coldplay’s “U.F.O.”

20. I filmed and edited another video. And it’s such a wonderful, high-quality one I’m proud to share.

21. I wrote a new song: “Geronimo.”

22. I did several things on my bucket list: 1) Jogged on a beach, 2) Went ginger, 3) Got a pixie, 4) Participated in NaNoWriMo, 5) Won NaNoWriMo, 6) Completed a 10K race, 7) Got an apartment.

23. I earned $207 through my workout fund by depositing $1 for each workout throughout the year! (Best. Goal. Ever. Now I get to go on a shopping spree!)

Things I definitely did not do in 2013 that were on my goal list:

#1 - Reach goal weight

I did not meet my weight goal of 155. While 179 is definite progress, I didn’t even come close to reaching the goal.

#12 - Play live.

I ran out of time before I realized I hadn't done anything to pursue this. Well, I did submit an application to be on the UCP Telethon, but I never heard back. 

#20 - Save $100+ from every check.

I did not save any money. Living in the apartment, trying to support myself, I barely scraped by. I had to use my credit card to pay a few bills.

#21 - Go canoeing/kayaking.

Didn't have anyone to go with, didn't want to go alone. Didn't try too hard here.

#23 - Become and stay consistently active in a church.

I did not join a church. I have visited several regularly, but I’m still not an active member anywhere.

#24 - Use credit card only for gas and emergencies.

I did not limit my credit card to emergencies. In fact, I swiped it for everything and got deeper in credit card debt. Actually, I had to get a second credit card. Ahhhh.

#25 - Be physically able to pass the Air Force PT Test

I did not even try to meet my PT goal. I hate push-ups more than anything, and I decided it wasn’t worth it. (BTW, sit-ups aren’t too fun either.)

#22 - (Get kissed)

This has been a lame inside joke I've had with myself since I was like 15. Sadly, I still did not get this stupid, embarrassing secret goal checked off my list. Though I did get soniced by The Doctor at the 50th, so that should count for something.

And here's an inspiring reminder:


Niken said...

wow, it seems you've achieved so much. let's keep it up :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Niken! I hope you have an amazing 2014!!!

Lacey said...

You did so much! You should be proud :) You are a real inspiration to me in the fit department! I wish I had your drive and commitment to exercise!! Do you have goals for 2014?? I'm curious as to what they are.

P.S. #22... me too!

Jennifer said...

Well, thanks, girl! That means a lot to me! I've got tons of goals in my head, just haven't taken the time to sit down and write them out yet. You can count on a super long blog post about it tomorrow lol.

(And yes, #22 will make a return appearance for me, no matter how tacky and dumb it is. 2014 could be the one for both of us, you never know!)

Jessica said...

Nice post! Glad you accomplished so much and I have a feeling 2014 is gonna be a better year for us!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, sissy! I'm excited to begin a new year too!

Anna Marie Schaefer said...

You did SOOOOO much in 2013! I can't wait to see how you top it this year!

Jennifer said...

:) We both did a lot! I'm hoping this year is even better.