7 Styling Options For A Half-Grown Out Pixie

(If you somehow stumbled upon this page in search of real hair styling tips, I must apologize for the disappointment that lies ahead.)

One thing that has surprised me about my short 'do is the versatility. I always thought long hair was the only flexible option with its endless ponytails, buns, braids, and such, but boy oh boy, has my pixie surprised me. Especially now that it's beginning to grow out.

If you've ever attempted to grow out short hair (or are trying to right now), you know all about the awkward transitions your tiny locks must endure. So, without further ado, I present to you seven easy styles I have found possible with my short hair during its initial growing-out phase:

1. The Choir Boy (My Normal Everyday Hair)

2. The Cool, Edgy Chick

3. The Howard Wolowitz

4. The David Tennant

5. The Lee Stetson 
(I hope someone out there knows who this is!)

6. The Tween Heartthrob

7. The Spock

So, which one's your fave? Ever rocked any of these iconic styles or invented a few of your own?


Niken said...

god, this is hilarious! you really look like justin bieber. hahaha
my fave is no.2, you definitely rocking it

Jessica said...

Hahaha. This is excellent.

Jennifer said...

lol Thanks, girl!

Jennifer said...

hehe You know I had too much fun making this!

Sarah Connell said...

Lol,Howard Wolowitz is great! I like your everyday hair a lot though!

srrraah said...

Hahah! This is so cute. I love it! :) Walowitz kills me.... but the Cool, Edgy Chick actually works, so rock it girl!! :)

Jennifer said...

Haha! Thanks so much! :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you! I honestly like the edgy one also, just not sure I'm confident enough to actually pull it off in public. lol Thanks for reading and commenting!