#19- Take A Kickboxing Class

I've been wanting to try out the new kickboxing class at my local YMCA for the few months it's been around, but I've always been too scared. I have trouble keeping up in Zumba, so how could I possibly attempt a Billy Blanks-style, Chuck Norris-ish kickboxing class?

Well, today, I finally sucked it up and got over my fear. 

Awkward creeper shot before class started
The class was sixty minutes of intense cardio. There was, sadly, a lot less punching and kicking than I was expecting, and a lot more squats, jumping jacks, lunges, push-ups, and (dun dun DUN!) burpees. She also led us in several super high intensity bits that she called "turbo time", where we had to do all of the above and then some at a ridiculously fast pace. I did my best, but I had to pause and scratch my head in disbelief a time or two.

Anyway, I survived. I didn't have to leave early. I didn't have to go sit down for a while. I didn't even fall or accidentally kick anyone.

Very proud of myself and very sweaty afterward

One more thing to check off the 101 Things list!


Anna Marie Schaefer said...

I just got up to your last few posts. I love all of them, and I love the resolutions you are making. I can't wait to see you this summer!

Lacey said...

Love it! I admire your courage. I would have to really push myself to go with someone, let alone myself! Way to be! I bet you felt amazing afterword!

Jennifer said...

Hey, thanks for commenting! I miss hearing from you! Hope you are doing well.

Jennifer said...

Thank you! I was glad I made myself go. I ended up sore for days. lol