#84- Make A Homemade Pizza


I found a recipe online for homemade pizza dough and followed it carefully. While the dough was rising, I chopped and prepared all my toppings- all veggies except for a ball of freshly-made mozzarella from the Publix deli. (The fresh cheese MADE it. There's nothing like fresh mozzarella.)

I can never decide what toppings I want, so I divided the pizza into thirds: the first section had a base of olive and butter, the second had basil pesto, and the third had traditional marinara sauce. I scattered sliced cherry tomatoes, portabella mushrooms, sauteed spinach, purple onion, and bell pepper across the various sections and sprinkled a little basil on top. 

It was PERFECT. 

I mean, seriously delicious.

Here's the pizza crust recipe I followed:


2 cups bread flour
1 cup water (heated to 120-130 degrees)
1 package highly active quick-rise yeast
3 tbsp olive oil (and a little extra for greasing the rising bowl and baking pan)
Pinch of sugar
Sprinkling of cornmeal (to use later for dusting surface; does not go into dough mixture)


Preheat oven to 150. Mix flour, yeast, and sugar together in a bowl. Stir in water (make sure to check temperature with a thermometer) and olive oil until the dough thickens. Knead dough for a few minutes (you may need to add more flour if it's too sticky). Grease an oven-safe bowl with olive oil. Form the dough into a round ball and place it inside the greased bowl. Cover with wax paper. Turn off the oven and set the covered bowl inside for about an hour.

When the dough has risen to about twice its size, remove bowl. Turn the oven back on and heat to 500. While the oven is warming up, sprinkle cornmeal on a large surface. Cut the dough in half and shape into two round balls.*

(*You can do whatever you want here. This recipe makes enough to fill two medium pizza pans.)

Using a rolling pin, flatten out the dough until you have the desired shape and thickness for your pizza crust. (Thinner is better; remember, it will rise a bit more in the oven.) Carefully transfer to a greased baking pan and smooth out as necessary. Using a fork, poke a few holes across the dough to prevent air pockets from forming. Bake for about five minutes.

Remove from oven. Add toppings. Return to oven and bake for about five to seven minutes or until cheese has melted. (I broiled mine for the last two minutes to make sure the cheese was really melted, and it turned out wonderfully.) 

That's it. Slice it up and enjoy! 

This was definitely as good (honestly, better than) most restaurant pizzas I've had. Everyone in my family went on and on about it, and now my dad wants to do Homemade Pizza Night at least once a week. 

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Jessica Bain said...

I can smell it just from looking at the picture...lol. I want some right now. Delicious!