#9- Run A Race

If you've been following this blog at all, you've endured my accounts of the various 5K and 10K races I've done over the past couple of years. Although I've completed several of them, I've never run a race from start to finish. 

Until now!

I didn't stop to take a single walking break. I didn't stop at any of the water stations. I just kept running, all the way to the finish line! My time was 34:24. Not my best, but it was still pretty good considering all the hills on the course. 

And I'm so glad I stuck around for the awards ceremony because guess what?!? I won first place in my age division and got my first medal!!! I can't brag too much because yes, it was a small race. BUT I still beat at least two other people (lolz). 

Anyway, I'm really proud of myself for not giving up and allowing myself to walk. I know now that I can push through it and run the entire way if I only determine to do so. This was a biggie for me!

(Oh! I told myself when I set this goal that I would reward myself with a professional pedicure when I accomplished it. So I'm going to treat myself the weekend before we leave for Disney World! I can't wait!)

Random Stuff

We've had a few 72 degree days lately, and it has put me in the mood for spring. Big time. I always get an overwhelming urge to garden at the first signs of spring, even though it's still way too early to start putting plants outdoors where I live. But this year, I did some research and found a couple of seeds I could start inside. 

I've got my little bell pepper and eggplant seeds resting by a window in direct sunlight. Here's hoping I don't kill them. :S


I'm so excited. I'm a bit of a Disney nerd, and well, Disney World is the one place you can let all that come out freely with no shame. I mean, it is the happiest place on Earth. But I've never been to Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom, so I'm reaaaalllllllly excited to go there! I doubt I'll be able to control myself at the Magic Kingdom, for realz. 

Anyway, Disney is trying a new technology called MagicBands, and we just got ours in the mail. They're your ticket to the park, your hotel room key, your meal plan ticket...it's really cool. You supposedly just swipe them and go. 

SO EXCITED! Anyone out there a Disney World aficionado? Any must-dos or tips for our trip?

Also, I'm more like my mom than I ever imagined. We pulled out some of her old scrapbooks and found this embarrassing glittery artwork she had made for her favorite popstar/future husband of her dreams, Bobby Sherman. Bobby.

....Upon seeing that, I had to go scrounge up my old glittery tribute to Nate Cole of Plus One. Nate. LOL. The similarities are uncanny. Seriously, it freaked me out.

Aaaand I can't believe I'm sharing that on the internet.