A Lot Can Happen in Three Months.



It's been a while. 

It's been almost three months, actually. And as my title says, a lot can happen in three months. Allow me to demonstrate.

1. I resumed working toward my bachelor's in English!

If you've been following me for a while, you know I've been struggling and fighting to make this happen for about five years. Well, I finally found an accredited online university that offers a program similar to the one I was doing at the University of South Alabama, and for the first time, I was eligible for financial aid. In this program, you take one course at a time, and each course is five weeks long. It's completely doable while working full-time, which is extremely important for me. I've already completed two classes and am well on my way to finishing the degree I've wanted from the beginning! 

2. I began dating a super-smart-insanely-funny-mega-hot-crazy-awesome guy!

His name is Matt, and yes, all those adjectives really do apply.

Although I had stopped logging into my eHarmony account last August after that unsuccessful date with the Guy who Reminded Me of Nate, that's where Matt and I met. For the next six months after "Nate", I got emails from eHarmony every other day with subjects like, "Edgar wants to get to know you" or "Randy has sent you a smile", and I immediately deleted them all. But for some reason, back in February (er, yes, I'm sharing this now, five months later), I felt compelled to open "Matthew wants to get to know you." I'm still not entirely sure why I opened that one (except I did like his name), but I sure am thankful I did! We hit it off immediately, have spoken every single day since, and have been *officially* dating for two months now. 

I want to share more, but I'm not sure how much I can get away with on here without getting in trouble. ;)

3. I went on a crazy, solo, multi-state road trip.

To hang out with said boyfriend who is currently out of state for a work project. Illinois and Missouri were first time visits for me. I might share more about this trip later.

4. I broke out of the 170's!

YES! I've been doing P90X (yes, you read that correctly; the lean version, though, because I'm still kind of a sissy), and it seems to have kicked my weight loss back into gear. My last weigh-in put me at 168, which means I have now lost 71 pounds

5.  Look how much my hair has grown!

lol. But really. LOOK! This growth is from October to June. I had to post it just to prove to myself that it is growing, as well as to encourage anyone else out there who is crying their way through Biotin supplements and olive oil treatments as they brave the terrifying pixie grow-out process.

I hope you've enjoyed this brief summary of my life's most recent excitement. Look for more details (maybe) to come soon (ish). What's new with you?

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