I know, I know. Spoilers. Now my story will be all anti-climactic and whatnot, because you know it’s going to end with an obvious question followed by an even more obvious answer.

Oh well. Grab some popcorn, get cozy, and let’s get to that proposal story!

Matt and I have been discussing marriage for a while now, so I wasn’t completely surprised when he popped the question. I knew (well, hoped) it was going to happen soon, I just wasn’t sure when. Well, the “when” was December 25, 2014. Christmas night. (He asked for my parents’ blessing the night before, by the way. Awwww.) We spent Christmas Eve at my parents’ house, then ventured two hours south to his maternal grandparents’ place for their big family get-together the afternoon of Christmas Day. It was just a standard family Christmas thing. A crowded house, lots of homemade goodies to eat, and plenty of warm hugs to go around. Good times.

After we ate, we watched his younger cousins open their gifts. During this time, Matt quietly told me he was getting tired and wanted to go on back to his parents’ house. It was getting late, and I was tired and ready to leave too, so I didn’t think anything about that was suspicious. His parents stayed behind at Granny and Granddad’s while we took my car about 45 minutes south of there to Matt’s parents’ house.

I have to say, Matt was completely cool and normal the entire time. It never crossed my mind that he was about to propose. Really. I can usually tell when he has a surprise planned because he acts a little different, but there were no signs that night. And actually, I was secretly expecting him to do it the next day because he was being kind of shady about our plans for the 26th.

Anyway, when we got back to his parents’ house, it was dark and no one else was there. We unloaded our suitcases and put them in our rooms, then we separated for a moment because I had to use the restroom (He’d anticipated my bathroom break, because he got things set up while I was…in dispose. Yes, he knows me that well.). When I finished up in the restroom, I went to his bedroom and found him just kind of awkwardly lingering around in there, fiddling with something on his dresser, a somewhat odd smile on his face. An odd smile that made my heart skip. I knew instantly that something was up.

His eyes met mine. “Okay,” Matt said. “Don’t be mad, but I have one last gift to give you.”

I flipped out. We’d already exchanged gifts at my parents' the previous day, even after we agreed to no gifts because we were going to Disney World with Jessica and Sarah the next week. That trip was our shared Christmas gift. I couldn't believe he'd spent so much money on me after we agreed to that, and here he was, adding to that with something else. “Oh my gosh! Are you serious?! Matt. We said no gifts!”

He grinned. “I know, I know. Get over it. Come on.”

He led the way out of his room, down the hallway, and out the door to an attached carport. There is an adjacent outdoor storage closet outside there, and Matt stopped in front of it. As he began opening the closet door, it hit me.

Whatever waited for me in that closet was more than a normal Christmas gift.

I held my breath as he pushed the door inward, revealing a soft, yellowish glow that spilled onto the darkness of the chilly winter night. I gasped when I discovered the source of the light: a massive, glowing TARDIS.

I’m not even sure what I said. This thing literally took my breath away. The TARDIS. THE TARDIS!!!! It loomed before me, impressively enormous in size. When I turned to look at Matt, I found him down on one knee. He looked up at me with wide, glistening eyes. I’d never seen him get emotional before, but his eyes were a bit teary and his voice a little shaky as he said:

“I know I’m not the Doctor, and I won’t be able to take you everywhere you want to go…” He reached into a pocket of his jeans and extracted a shiny, silver key, “…but will you go on an adventure with me?”

Oh. My. Goodness. Sooooooo many happy tears. Seriously, I had tears pouring down my face. I was blown away by the sweetness of his proposal, not to mention the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the giant TARDIS the guy built just for me. Once I replied with a garbled but enthusiastic “yes!”, I took the key from him, and we clung to each other for a few minutes, just taking it all in. I remember closing my eyes as I held him, silently thanking the Lord for Matt, for going above and beyond in answering my prayers, and for blessing us with such an amazing moment together. It was so beautiful.

After we recovered, he pulled open the TARDIS doors and showed me that it’s a…. functional BOOKCASE! It has an interior light that comes on automatically when the doors open. He began showing it off, explaining how he did this and that, how each feature compared to the Eleventh Doctor’s TARDIS on the show. And I just kept crying (lol). That's when he told me that he’d been secretly building it for the past three months. (Yep.)

So. Yes. Everything about the proposal was perfect. Absolutely perfect. With our upcoming Disney trip on the horizon, I had secretly feared that he might propose at Disney under the fireworks with the masses of tourists around us. While that sounds incredibly dreamy to most girls, I have always imagined that moment being really quiet and intimate. And somehow, Matt knew.

I also love that he had the idea to pull out the TARDIS key in place of a ring. I can’t remember if I’ve talked about this on here or not, but he is a member of the Church of God. They teach that jewelry is a worldly idol, citing verses like 1Timothy 2:9 and 1 Peter 3:3-4 for their beliefs. As someone who was raised Southern Baptist, this was new to me. He told me about this way beforehand (last summer, actually), and eager to understand his beliefs, I prayed about it a lot and searched the Scriptures for answers. In the end, I support his convictions and definitely agree that jewelry is a worldly treasure. I strongly feel that going into debt for an expensive, shiny piece of functionless bling, simply because of cultural or societal expectations, is unwise and ungodly. We decided then, months in advance, that if he proposed, there would be no ring, 

So, all that said, I like that I have the TARDIS key to carry around with me to show all the nosy people who must know where the giant sparkly rock is. 

The reason Matt was being shady about plans for the 26th was because he didn’t have time to finish the TARDIS, and he wanted us to work on it together the day after Christmas. The whole project ended up taking a lot longer than he anticipated, but he knew he needed to hurry up and propose so we could start planning the wedding (I'm so glad he realized this! lol). That was actually really cool because I got to do some work on it myself. He let me paint the little phone box door on the outside, then we attached it together. We still have to do some work on the inside, plus get the police box signs and the right antique lamp for the top.

See how tall it is?!? It's 3/4 scale of Matt Smith's actual TARDIS!

Sorry the interior was a mess when I took this the next day. We threw all our painting supplies inside after we finished the door. You can see how deep it is, but we still need to add shelves.

Sooooo. That’s how my future husband asked me to marry him! <3 I am so amazed and incredibly thankful that God has given me such a generous, detailed, thoughtful, romantic man who understands me so well. I am immensely blessed, and I am so very excited to become Mrs. Matthew Oliver.

Oh! Another reason the timing was so great? We went to Disney World as an engaged couple! Which means we got these:

Yep, we were there on New Year's Eve, so we rang in the new year right! All the cast members in the parks were constantly congratulating us and asking our story. We even scored a free Fast Pass on Expedition Everest because of those buttons!


Our trip was awesome. And of course, once we returned, we got to work on wedding plans. The date has been set for May 9, 2015! It’s gonna be a busy few months. 

And I couldn’t be more grateful for or more excited about that.

(Oh, and by the way, this was my 100th post! How cool is that?!?)


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I saw it on Jessica's and yours IG. congrats Jennifer! so happy for you guys.

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Congratulations! I have been reading your blog for years now and smile every time I see a new post, you never fail to brighten up the day and put a smile on my face. I am SO happy for you, really, over the moon! Thank you for sharing your lovely story with us, and all the best for the next few exciting months!