So....Matt got the job in Missouri! 

A lot has happened since my last post, and I haven't had the time or Internet access to write about it. Apparently, that's how this blog is going to go. The lonely, timid, frustrated hermit I used to be decided to create a blog about getting out and living life, then when I actually started living, I became too busy to document it. Figures.

Anyway, since we won't have Internet at home (yay, we have a home!) for a couple more weeks, I'm publishing this from a cute little coffee shop in the downtown district of our new town.

Goodness. New home. New town. New favorite hang-out spot. I don't know where to begin.

Matt received the job offer while we were in Illinois, some time around June 15. His start date: June 29. He accepted the offer, of course, but that meant that we had to, in less than two weeks, find a place to live in a town 6 hours away from southern Illinois, pack the stuff we had there in Illinois (which turned out to be way more than we could have ever thought possible), drive home to Alabama, pack up all our stuff at my parents' house, his parents' house, and the storage building, then find some way to get it all to Missouri so we could move in and start setting up in time for his first day of work.

So, naturally, those two weeks flew by in a stressful, anxiety-ridden blur. We were exhausted by the end of them, thanks to driving across multiple states multiple times. We drove from Illinois to Missouri to look at rental properties (we only had one day to drive there, visit houses, make a decision, sign a lease, and drive back to Illinois), then home to Alabama to pack, then back to Illinois to spend the night and break up the trip, then to Missouri to drop off the load from Alabama, then back to Illinois for the rest of our junk at the house there, then finally, back to Missouri to get settled. 

Despite all this, we still didn't get all of our stuff. We couldn't afford the big U-Haul truck, so we crammed as much as we could into the cheapest trailer available. Several more boxes and the furniture (like our bed) remain in Alabama until Matt's parents can drive it up to us. 

But we have enough with us now to be comfortable. We at least fit the mattress and the dining room table in the trailer, so we're not sleeping on the inflatable bed or eating dinner in the floor. 

Okay, now for some house pictures. This is what it looked like the day we got the keys and started moving in the trailer load of stuff from Alabama.

Living room
Living room
Our huge, glorious kitchen!!!
The view of the back (covered!) patio from the dining area, which I did not photograph...
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver's bed chamber
The bathroom, obvs.
Bedroom #2, which has fondly become The Study
A view from inside the single-car garage!
The slightly creepy unfinished basement (panic-room-to-be)
Then it looked like this for a couple of days...

We set up our folding table in the living room for pizza our first night in the house
The inside was a mess, but within two days of living there, we had added a few awesome touches to the outside to make it our own. 

Before: a shabby-looking flower bed off the front porch

After: our own little herb garden complete with lemon thyme, peppermint, sage, basil, cilantro, and rosemary!
I finally got to hang my lavender wreath and put out the nice doormat from Matt's cousin Kate
Back patio: I got hanging flower baskets and Matt immediately put up a hummingbird feeder
Patio tomatoes, cajun peppers, and jalapenos!
The house is definitely a work in progress, but here's what it's looking like now:

Living room

We have a coffee table in Alabama, and we're saving up to buy a couch and some armchairs. For now, we're making do with these fancy La-Z-Boys. 


Coffee and tea station! Got this little gem at an amazing local antique store.

Yes, the completeness of our kitchen and dining area as shown in these pictures reveal where our priorities lie. We love using that kitchen!



The Study

Looks pretty empty for now, but this is where my desk and the Tardis will go when Matt's parents arrive.


Like I said, we're waiting on our mirror dresser and the bed frame. Our mattress is just resting on the carpet for now, but at least it's covered by this GORGEOUS handmade quilt from my cousin Charlene and her husband Jerry. One of our favorite wedding gifts, for sure!

Well, I hope you've enjoyed the tour. You can expect more house pics to follow as we continue to get settled. I can't wait to share more about life in Missouri. We're having ourselves a good ol' time exploring our new town, and I plan to post more about this very soon.


Lacey said...

Aw... this is so sweet. I'm so happy for you guys! The house is adorable! How about a pic of the outside from the front?? I bet it's even cuter in person. You must be having so much fun!

Jessica said...

Love all the pics! Not gonna lie, the "in-between" pics were stressing me out...but it is definitely coming together!! I love the coffee tea station! Wish we could have one at home. :(