House Update: We Have Furniture!

We've had a lot of changes inside our house over the last few weeks, but I didn't want to post about them until I had the place put together enough to take some decent photos. Man. I am so excited, I don't even know where to begin. 

Oh, wait. Yeah, I do.


No more laundromat. No more laundry in a bucket. Hallelujah!

Let me tell you, God has blessed me with some amazing in-laws. I can't reiterate that enough. I mentioned in an earlier post that when we moved to Missouri, we had to leave half of our things in Alabama. Things like a bed. And the TARDIS Matt built for me. Well, a couple of weeks ago, Matt's parents so kindly took off work for a few days, rented a U-Haul trailer, loaded up the rest of our stuff, and drove it to us. It's a fourteen hour drive. Yep, my in-laws are pretty awesome.

And if you don't agree with that yet, let me add that they bought themselves a new washer and dryer so they could give us their old ones, which were still in perfect condition. Yes. They gave us a washer and dryer. And my father-in-law helped Matt hook them up.

Yeah, so...WE ALSO HAVE A BED!

I'll be honest, after sleeping on the floor for a while, it took us a few nights to get used to the height of a normal bed again. We both nearly fell out a couple of times. It seemed so...high. But we've readjusted now, and though we feel spoiled, we're loving it. Especially this gorgeous comforter set the in-laws gave us for one of our wedding gifts. Isn't it pretty? 

And though it's covered in random junk and I haven't had time to make it pretty yet, we also finally have a dresser to put our clothes in! Oh my goodness, it is so incredibly wonderful to have my socks, undies, and pajamas all neatly organized and tucked away in drawers!


The second bedroom (aka the study) is kind of a disaster right now. I don't know how, but there's still so much to unpack. But hey, we have our desk again, and an office chair, and our many guitars, and the TARDIS, which, as you can see, had to be partially disassembled during the move. 

When Matt proposed, we, very sadly, had to leave the TARDIS at his parents' house because there was nowhere to put it at my parents' house. So, seven months later, I finally get my "ring"! Even though it's currently unfinished and in pieces, I just like to go in there and look at it. (And smell it. Is that weird? It smells like fresh paint, lumber, and love, and it takes me back to December 25, 2014. Hey, it's a time machine! That totally works!)

They also brought us the two other chairs that went with our dining room table, so now that set is complete.

My father-in-law really helped us spruce up the place. He showed Matt how to change out electrical outlets, and he replaced the screen in our patio door (it had a giant hole in it that was an open door for insects). And both my father-in-law and mother-in-law helped move everything off the trailer and into the house. So, of course, we took them out to dinner a couple of times. 

It was so nice to spend time with them for a few days. Though I don't miss Alabama yet, I definitely miss our family, and I loved being the one opening my door to them. They were the first guests we've welcomed into our home, so that was really exciting. And a bit nerve-wrecking. I mean, any new wife is gonna get nervous when her mother-in-law comes over to inspect the place for the first time. But I think she approved! 

So....this next part is closely connected to my recent post about our $6,000 credit card debt. We had already piled up some debt on the move itself. Installing a hitch on Matt's SUV, renting a U-Haul trailer, putting down ridiculous deposits for everything, stocking our pantry... But you know, after a while, we got tired of our living room looking like this:

We knew we were gonna have to break down and buy furniture at some point, and we knew, after visiting all three furniture shops in town and comparing prices, that we would have to use credit to get anything in the next five years (Seriously, furniture is SO expensive! Even the cheap stuff! I couldn't believe how overpriced everything was!). So, after making multiple trips to two of the three stores to compare prices again and again (one of the three stores was so expensive we dared not return), we finally purchased, with my credit card, a sofa, loveseat, armchair, and bookshelf. Here's a nice panorama for you: 

The coffee table actually belonged to Matt's parents. It was an older piece that his dad spruced up. He added these fancy grooves in the top and stained it this lovely, rich shade. 

I was SO excited to have a place to display a few of our nature-nerd items. The dragonfly shadowbox Matt made for me last year (yep, he caught them all, purchased the frame, and arranged them) has a place of prominence, as does the completely intact Brachiopod fossil he gave me on our first date.

And I got to display the vintage binoculars I bought from an antique store for the wedding. I think they're super cute. It's like our own little nature museum.

We also found this little cabinet at a cute local shop that sells refurbished used furniture. It was a pretty great deal at around $40. 

I was really impressed with my lavender wreath, too. I got it a year or two ago on clearance for $5, and it's held up really well despite such a big move.

Oooh, and check out this gorgeous key ring holder my husband made!

Isn't it great? It's made with leftover TARDIS wood, resin letters from Hobby Lobby that I got for the wedding, and little hooks from Ace Hardware.

He did a pretty amazing job. I love that it recycled both pieces of the TARDIS and wedding decor! On that note, let me show you some more ways I've worked wedding decor into our home:

I got a half dozen of these custom-made wooden initial charms on Etsy and put them on anything I could around the church (it was kind of like Hidden Mickeys at Disneyworld!). And this basket actually held rolls at the reception. Now it holds magazines. (I'd prefer rolls, though.)

I got the frame for displaying an engagement picture at the wedding, and the little planters were on our sweetheart table at the reception.

I made the wooden sign and the floral arrangement on the nightstand for the wedding reception. I really need a larger nightstand for it to work properly, but it's fine for now.

There are still two large plastic totes full of wedding decor in the basement that I'm trying to figure out how I can incorporate into our home. And that's a pretty fun challenge. Plus, it saves me from adding to our debt to decorate our new place. I mean, I have my own private Hobby Lobby downstairs. I don't need to buy anything!

Well, that's not entirely true. I still need some throw pillows for the sofa, loveseat, and chair. I only have the two in the photos above, and they were old ones that I had put up in my closet at my parents' house. I cannot find any decent ones for less than $25 a piece, and uh, $25, for a decorative pillow? When I need six of them? That's not happening. 

Other than that, we're pretty much set now. Our walls are mostly bare, but we have a ton of stuff boxed up that's ready to hang. Just gotta get to it! Anyway, we're really excited that it's all coming together and feeling like home. 

And that we have a machine to wash our dirties. 


Jessica said...

AHHHH, I love it!!!! I can't wait to see it in person. I love the wedding pictures that you've added since the skype tour! Haha.

Seriously, it looks great. And I know your dirties are happy to be washed. :)

Jessica said...

BY the way, I agree: Myron and Debs are the bomb. And I love the coffee table a lot!

Lacey said...

Awwwhhh, I love all your decorations and how well your place is coming together! You must be having so much fun putting it all together -- especially since you have some really nice pieces of furniture now! $40 for that cute little cabinet?! That's such a steal, I love it!

For the pillows -- I have an idea! Since you love being crafty, what if you got some ugly pillows (with a nice shape) from thrift stores and covered them yourself? There's a ton of quick and easy ways to re-cover pillows, even if you aren't great at sewing. I've even seen some ways to make covers using fabric glue so you don't have to sew a single stitch (I don't know what your sewing skills are like so that's why I suggested that, haha). Just a thought :)

Love seeing the updates tho!!!

Laura said...

Hi Jen,
Just found your blog recently and I've been enjoying reading your posts. The dragonfly shadow box caught my attention. My grandpa had a butterfly collection and just this past week I was able to reclaim a case of butterflies for the family. I plan to split them up for all of my cousins and put them in shadow boxes. But I've also been thinking of trying to catch more myself to add to it. I was wondering where you husband learned about the process of preserving the dragon flies. It's something I need to learn! ~LAURA