It's September!

Okay, so it's not October, but the arrival of September is always pretty exciting. It means fall's a-comin', which means I get to dig out my few puny- yet beloved- autumn decorations. 

You don't know how tempting it was this year to buy more of this stuff. This is my favorite time of the year- crisp air, crunchy leaves, boots, sweaters, and pumpkin everything- and I looooove all the warm and cozy colors of autumn decorations. And since this is the first time I've had my own home to was a bit of a challenge. That old voice came sneaking back into my thoughts: "Just put it on the credit card." 

But nope! I talked myself out of that one. This whole debt-free goal of ours means too much at this point. Especially since we went so far over our budget for August.

August was the first month we actually made a budget and put the Cash Envelope System into practice, so I didn't expect perfection (I just hoped for it). But, we based our budget on a four-week month, and August was five weeks (should have looked at a calendar...), so we ran out of money way before we ran out of month. And well, that is largely due to the unexpected arrival of this little troublemaker:

With food, chew toys, a bed, a training crate, baby gates, medicine, vaccines, and grooming supplies, she basically wrecked our envelopes. We were determined to not use the credit card for any of these purchases, and WE DID NOT (YAAAAAY!). So, to cover her expenses, we pulled money out of our envelopes: fun, dining out, gas, groceries... It really threw everything off and put us in a mess. We had to go back to the ATM and withdraw more cash to replenish our envelopes, which is a pretty big no-no in order for this system to work.


It was a start. We, at the very at least, managed to get through these unforeseen expenses without relying on Chase, Capital One, or Citi, and that in itself is quite amazing. And, because of our first month's struggles, we've gained a better idea of where we need to adjust our envelope amounts for September. I'm SO ready for a new start with a better-planned budget!

And on a related note...I had a job interview today!!!

I got my Missouri nursing license in the mail a few weeks ago and have since been applying everywhere that hires LPNs. My interview today was with a family practice clinic, and I actually have another interview (!!!) tomorrow with a long-term care nursing facility. Pretty exciting stuff! I'm hoping and praying that the right one will fall into my lap.

That's about it for the life updates for now. What are you excited about this month?


Laura said...

Yeah! Congrats on not using the credit card! I skimmed your posts about budgeting and cash envelopes yesterday. About ten years ago me and my husband found Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University and it changed our lives. We paid off our debt in about two years and the only debt we've had since is our small mortgage. We REALLY need to get back on track with budgeting and cash envelopes so we can pay that off... but life! Right!?

Lacey said...

The fact that you didn't fall back into using the cards when you had those unexpected expenses is to be celebrated!! Way to go! And like you said, you guys have a better idea now of where to adjust for next time. It'll probably take a while to work a good system out, but it sounds like you have a decent start!

I'll be hitting the Dollar Tree up soon to get my decorations! I have a few things but not much. I love decorating too, as you know!

Lacey said...

OH! And congrats on the interviews!!! I hope those go well and you get a good lead!!

Jessica said...

I'm so proud of you for being so smart with your money! Even if Annie is causing some unexpected expenses. I'm also so excited about your interviews! Both went well so I think something good is on the ol horizon. :)

And I'm sad I missed the cute fall decor. I was so close.