So Long, 2015.

What a year. A wild, momentous, tumultuous, change-filled, love-centered year.

Everything changed for me this year. Everything. I got a new degree, a new last name, a new state, new living quarters, a new daughter puppy, a new job. My diet changed. My personal finances really changed. My hair finally grew out.

Through it all, I've learned so much. I've learned a lot about sacrifice. About putting others before myself. About urinary tract infections. I've delved deeper into my own inadequacies and insecurities. I've been threatened by anxiety, but I've continually mustered up the strength to fight it, day after day. I'm learning- ever so slowly and unwillingly- to relax, to relinquish the need to be in control, to realize that I can't plan everything, to rest and rely on God.

2015 was filled with happiness and tension, late-night pillow talks and early morning panic attacks. Romance. Excel spreadsheets. Dreaming. Worrying. Saying goodbye to my family, my friends, and everything I've ever known. Saying hello to new opportunities, new people, and new adventures. Long drives across the middle and lower United States. Long days on achy feet.  Cuddles with a bearded, blue-eyed hottie and a little ginger pup. And so, so, so much laughter, which is, in the end, pretty much the only thing that matters.

2016, I'm all at once terrified, ecstatic, and incredibly grateful to see what adventures you hold.

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Lacey said...

Happy New Year! You DID have a great year, wow...