My Next Step: The 21 Day Fix

I mentioned in my post about becoming a Beachbody Coach that I purchased the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack and joined a challenge group to keep myself accountable as I strive harder than ever before to reach my ultimate goal weight.

Well, prep week of my challenge group, Spring into Fitness, is in full swing. We've been menu-planning and making grocery lists and such, all so we'll be fully prepared when Monday, February 29, aka Day One, aka TOMORROW, rolls around.

The challenge groups are operated through a really awesome and FREE smartphone app: My Challenge by Team Beachbody. I'm seriously loving it so far! The group coach posts daily action plans and motivational content, and the participants connect via the group feed. It's completely user-friendly and set up similarly to Facebook.

Once your coach adds you to the challenge group, you can set up your profile and list your goals and motivations.

And you can track your progress and daily activity by logging weights and measurements, before/after photos, daily workouts, and daily Shakeology consumption. 

Isn't it nice?!? I can't wait to start tracking my 21 Day Fix workouts each day! I think it'll be pretty satisfying to log it for everyone to see on a daily basis. 

So, while I'm waiting around, eager to start the program, I thought I'd show you exactly what the 21 Day Fix is all about.

First, let's discuss what it actually is. You might have heard somewhere that it takes 21 days of performing an action to transform that action into a habit. That concept was the inspiration behind this program. It's not a 21 day diet that ends when the 21 days do. It's basically a reboot. It comes with an eating plan, workout DVDs, and a schedule that will reset your body's current habits and send you down a new, healthier path. If YOU put in the work, of course. Most people do several "rounds" of the 21 Day Fix until they are comfortable enough to branch out with other fitness programs/activities.

That's why it sounded perfect for where I am right now. I was in the habit of doing cardio and strength-training five to seven days a week, but over time, I let myself slide. I've almost been back at square one as far as my exercise habits go; lately, I'd be doing good if I got in 30 minutes of cardio a week! I thought this 21 Day Fix could "fix" the great habits I had broken and get me back on track to reaching my goals. (Which are, again: 1) Getting to my ultimate goal weight of 155, 2) Feeling better, having more energy, and being in a better mood, 3) Being strong again- I want to be able to run 5Ks without stopping again! I haven't given up on that secret dream of someday finishing the Disney Princess Half Marathon, you know!)

So. Let me show you exactly what comes in the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack! Get ready for lots of photos. 

Let's do this! Even the outside of the box is channeling a little Tony Horton. My pack arrived a mere TWO DAYS after I ordered it, and the shipping was only $2. I was stunned by that. That's about as good as Amazon, man.

I'm excited about the Shakeology cup. It's perfect advertisement for shy introverts like myself, who can simply drink shakes out in public and get questions. Right?

I felt a little oddly starstruck pulling out these colorful containers. I've seen so much about them on the Internet. The 21 Day Fix eating plan focuses heavily on portion control. Each colored container represents a different food group: green= veggies, purple= fruits, red= proteins, yellow= carbs, blue= healthy fats (like avocado or raw nuts), and orange= seeds and dressings. You are allotted a specific number of container fill-ups daily based on your weight and caloric requirements (it comes with a book that helps you figure this out).

The containers even come with handy stickers to help you keep track of what goes where.

You don't have to bother with calorie counting. You just fill up your containers and eat. It's that simple.

I was annoyed that the containers are all plastic (we avoid plastic at all costs), but at least these do say they are BPA free. And you don't have to eat from the containers; you can use them simply as a measuring tool before you plate your food.

Everybody on the Internet seems to be talking about Shakeology these days. And I gotta say, I was a complete skeptic. A special protein shake? That just so happens to be expensive? I wrote it off as baloney immediately, assuming the first ingredient of this oh-so-healthy shake would be sugar. Or modified soy protein. I figured it'd be as "healthy" as the Slim Fast shakes I used to guzzle when I first tried losing weight (ick).

So before I bought anything, I asked my coach, Kaitlin, for a list of the ingredients. I wanted to see exactly what was in there. Well. Take a look for yourself.


Color me impressed. Maca? Chia? Chlorella? Spirulina?! These were just a few of the fancy, high-quality supplements I used to get at the health food stores for upwards of $20 each. I used to swipe my credit card and add them to my daily smoothies. But once we started following the Dave Ramsey method, I had to eliminate these things because they were too expensive for our cash-only budget.

Now, hear me out. I haven't actually tried Shakeology yet; my program doesn't start until tomorrow (February 29). It may be the nastiest-tasting stuff ever. But at this point, just by looking at the ingredients and hearing testimonials of how it's given people energy, helped relieve digestive issues, and cleared up acne, I'm really optimistic about it. I mean, I definitely felt SO much better back when I added maca powder and spirulina to my smoothies. I'll surely keep you updated on what happens!

Ah, the workout DVDs and literature. These pamphlets are pretty straightforward. You just start with the one that says Start Here. All the directions needed are in there. The eating plan tells you everything you need to know about your food (and even has a few recipes that look pretty good), and the other pamphlet tells you how to schedule your workouts, which are, by the way, only 30 minutes. I'm pretty excited about that, since the last Beachbody program I did- P90X- had workouts over an hour long every day.

There's even a neat little paper to track your measurements. Check out the six pack on the 'after' side (lol).

Since I had also just signed up as a coach, my pack also included some helpful items for new coaches.

Several pages of information and a DVD. Pretty cool!

Soooo, that's it. That's my experience with the 21 Day Fix so far. Well, and this- here's the meal plan I made for the first week:

A great tip I got from my coach was to plan and include snacks on the weekly menu. So many times, I come home from work starving and raid the cabinets, munching on anything I can find. I think planning an AM and PM snack, plus a cup of tea in the evenings to help relax and feel fuller, will really work to my advantage.

Man. I am SO excited about this! I've been so desperately needing something to steer me back in the right direction, and I feel that this is it! The direction from my personal coach and the accountability she and the other challengers will provide? I think that's going to make all the difference.

I'll keep you posted!

(If you're liking the sound of this as much as I am right now, my coach is starting another challenge group on March 14. Let me know if you're interested in getting a spot!)

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Jessica said...

Ahh, so awesome. I've seen so much on Pinterest about the 21 day fix but I hadn't done very much research on it at all. I can't wait to hear more about your results and your journey!