Financial Update: February 2016

March is nearly halfway over, and I'm just now talking about February. Oops. Life has been kinda hectic.

Anyway, last month, two big things happened to boost our finances:

1) I volunteered to work a couple of double shifts for extra overtime income,


However. (Why is there always a however?!?) A few things also happened to negate these big advances:

1) I invested in Beachbody to improve my health and start up a side business,

2) We had to increase our grocery budget to accommodate our healthier diet,

3) We had Annie spayed,

4) Family birthday gifts to purchase,

5) More doctor bills. 

Ugh. I am SO tired of medical bills. This is the primary reason why I'm trying harder than ever to get my body back into shape, why I felt that the Beachbody investment was worth it. It's not just about a number on a scale anymore. I'm working toward health. 

So yes, there were a few additional expenses that we did not prepare for. But despite all of that, we still managed to knock out a significant chunk of our debt. Take a look:

Yippee!!! We're still chipping away at it! And look at the Chase balance. There's no good reason why that last credit card can't be paid off in April!

Persistence. That's what it's all about.


Regine Karpel said...

Great job

Jessica said...

That's awesome! You are getting there. You should be totes proud. Keep it up! :D

Anna Marie Schaefer said...

Looking good! I know those extra expenses can be discouraging, but think what they would be doing to your finances if you weren't being so diligent with your cash budget. Each month is getting you closer to your goal; I'm always excited to see the progress. :D

Garima said...