Challenge Group 101

You've probably seen or heard me excitedly talking about my Beachbody challenge group quite a bit over the last month and a half. Since I've gotten so many questions concerning what the heck a challenge group actually is, I thought I'd write this post and give you all the juicy deets. (Be forewarned: this post contains tons of screenshots from my account in the challenge group app!)

Have you ever embarked excitedly upon a health or fitness journey of some kind? Maybe you decided to start running. Or maybe you set a goal to go to the gym five days a week. Or perhaps you determined to clean up your diet with Whole30. Whatever the case, there's always a surge of energy at the beginning, right? You're pumped. You're ditching your excuses and doing something. You're making positive changes in your life. It's exciting!

Then after about a week or two, that initial energy begins to fade. You get tired. Overwhelmed. Bored. Frustrated. Hungry. All of a sudden, you just wanna watch Netflix and eat pizza. You don't know what happened, but you don't think you can do it anymore. You lose sight of why your started. And what happens? In most cases, you quit.

What if you had a personal health coach checking up on you, supporting you, and motivating you every single day? What if you had a group of other individuals, all working toward goals similar to your own, who are sharing the journey with you, encouraging you, and helping you along the way? Would you quit then? 

That's what a Beachbody challenge group is. Accountability. Support. Encouragement. Motivation. Inspiration. It's a place for all kinds of different people to convene and focus on one shared goal: getting healthy. 

So how does it work? The way everything does these days: a smartphone app.

The app itself is free in the App Store, but to use it, you should have already signed up through a coach, joined Team Beachbody, and ordered a challenge pack (which includes a DVD fitness program and a month supply of Shakeology). After you download the app, your coach will then send you an invite to his/her challenge group, and you will be able to access it through the app. 

You'll have your own profile, which you can then customize by adding your goals, motivation, current weight, current measurements, and 'before' photos.

It'll be really important to put some thought into your goals and motivation. These will be visible to you and your coach throughout the challenge, and they will be for a reason. Your goals and motivation are your why. Why you're doing stepping out on a limb and doing this crazy challenge. You'll need to stop and refocus on this throughout the program.

Once the challenge group officially begins, you'll need to log into the app each day to log your activity. It's nothing complicated like entering everything you eat into MyFitnessPal or SparkPeople. You just log your daily workout and Shakeology:

When you post each day, be sure to slide the "Share with the Group" button at the bottom to blue so your post will be visible to everyone else in your challenge group.

You can see what everybody's doing each day by checking the Group Feed. It's really encouraging to your fellow participants when you take the time to comment or like their posts, and it's nice to get a little extra motivation when they do the same to you!

Your coach will post here in the Group Feed each day with tips, advice, motivation, and sometimes even a little assignment to keep you on track. Here's an example of this from my coach, Kaitlin Holley.

Once the challenge gets rolling, your coach will likely ask you to post a rating of yourself at the end of each day, something like "Rate your nutrition today from 1-5, 1 being you blew it and went to a Chinese buffet and 5 being you stuck to the meal plan perfectly." These kinds of posts REALLY hold you accountable, and you may get some questions here and there from your coach or other challengers that will inspire you to keep going or to try harder the next day.

For instance, I had a bad day in my last group. I was feeling lazy and tired and bummed out, and I barely made it through my morning workout. So I rated my workout for the day as follows: "3- wasn't feeling it and wanted to quit, but I didn't." I had my morning Shakeology for breakfast, took a healthy lunch to work, had all of my planned, whole-food snacks throughout the day, but after clocking out from an especially rough shift at work, I blew it. I went out for dinner, got a not-so-healthy meal, and got an ice cream sundae at the end of it all.

But I still had to post about my nutrition in the challenge group. My post was this: "Nutrition- 2." Purposefully vague. I wanted to leave it at that. But my coach prodded me for more info: "What happened with your nutrition today, Jennifer?" GULP. I had to open up and share what was really going on in my life, and I was forced to re-evaluate my goals and motivation. She talked me through it, and the next day was a much better day.

That's pretty much the basics. Challenge groups are one of the best things about Beachbody programs, and I'm not sure I would have made it through two rounds of the 21 Day Fix without the support and encouragement I got from my group.

We are always organizing new challenge groups. If this sounds like something you need right now, let me know! Just fill out the application below and I'll contact you with further information.

Fill out my online form.
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