Financial Update: March 2016

Not gonna lie. March was difficult. These five-week months are KILLER for those of us on a budget. Basically, we blew it.

Despite clipping coupons and shopping sales, the groceries got out of hand fast, and we dipped into our debt snowball money early in the month. And when we ran out of cash, we started swiping the debit card. It was unfortunate, but it happened. Hey, at least I said debit.

We also spent a big chunk of our dollars on outdoor stuff. We finally broke down and bought a charcoal grill (YAY; we've been wanting one since last summer but couldn't justify the expense). As the weather's getting nicer, we really want to be able to grill out occasionally. Also, we had to buy potting soil, compost, vermiculite, and organic seeds to begin preparations for our vegetable and herb garden! That was a big expense for the month, but it'll be worth it in a few months when we can pick organic produce in our backyard!

On the upside, I got my first paycheck from Beachbody at the end of March. A big ol' $80 that went straight to Chase! I was pretty excited.

Here's a detailed look at this month's debt-repayment progress:

It's killing me that this last credit card is taking so ridiculously long to pay off. It should be at zero by now. An April payoff was our goal though, and it still is, although finding that much cash to throw at it this month is gonna be an enormous challenge.

We're trying hard to really buckle down. We've cut our cash budget down considerably this month; no personal money and we've severely slashed the "fun" category (dining out/movies/Starbucks) from $100 to $50 (yeah, this month is gonna be the pits). Plus, I'm still KonMari-ing it up and trying to sell everything I can find. I'm hoping and praying that this is the month we can FINALLY be free of credit card debt!!!

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