Financial Update: June 2016

Remember how last month's post was so late because of my shame? This month's is early due to joy and excitement!

This is the month we've been waiting for. The one where I can finally say what I've been wanting to say for ages:

We REALLY kicked things into gear this month to make sure we paid off the Chase card. 

Remember my posts about using the Kon Mari method to clear out my clothing and books? Well, this month, we did a little more of that and ended up with a giant Rubbermaid tote of books and DVDs to sell for cash at Hastings. They gave us $43.75 for the items they kept. We also took three bags of clothes to Plato's Closet, where we received $43.28 in cash. Then we took the items that Hastings and Plato's didn't accept, combined them with a bunch of other Kon Mari'd junk we'd been storing in the basement, and had another garage sale. We made over $250.00! After the garage sale, we advertised some of the big ticket leftovers on Craigslist, and Matt sold a ton of old fishing lures for $50.00. Woo! Gazelle intense!

This cash (well, most of it, minus a meal out or two) went into our checking account then straight to Chase, This extra income, plus some from our regular snowball money, was enough to pay the balance in full.

Despite all this, I got into a pretty bad funk this month. I got bogged down by my job and began growing more frustrated and depressed every day. After paying off the card, our motivation faded and we got stupid with our spending. We blew our remaining snowball money on un-budgeted dining out, simply for comfort and pleasure. 

Determined to keep us from veering too far off track, I decided to update the debt-free journey inspiration board on our fridge with Bible verses about debt and freedom. 

It gave me a much-needed reminder about why I'm so focused on doing this. There's a greater reason for getting out of debt. There's a purpose behind it. A conviction. This is the way we're called to live as Christians. A life of responsibility, and of freedom. 

This refreshed me, and I became giddy about updating our little whiteboard. Really, visualizing our progress like this is so powerful.


So, July will be the first month where we don't pay a credit card company. It'll be the first month where our snowball really gets rolling, because now we'll take that $100 we were putting toward Chase directly onto Max, Matt's car loan! 

Wooooohooo, progress!

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