#7 - Grow My Hair Out

Come along for an epic journey through time and hair...

On an ordinary Friday afternoon in September 2013, I made a drastic, spontaneous, crazy decision while driving home from work.

I walked into a salon and asked for a pixie.

It was a wild move, but I was ready to give my head a new beginning. My long, wavy locks were completely damaged, fried and straw-like from the dozens of boxed colors I'd applied over the last year or two, and I wanted to start again with fresh, virgin hair- grays and all.

I'm glad I did it. I was then, and I still am. But on that fateful Friday afternoon, enraptured by the thrill of my gutsy move, I had no inkling of the trials I would consequently face for the next two years.

How I would accessorize with headbands out of desperation.

How I would resort to horrific uses of bobby pins just to make it through my 5Ks.

How I would endure the suffering of The Flip.

Yes, growing out the pixie proved to be quite a tumultuous ride, but I wanted to do it. I wanted long, natural, untouched hair again. So I put it on my 101 Things List and stuck it out.


...in the summer of 2016...

...darn close to THREE years later...

...I believe I can say I have, at long last, reached this goal.

At this time, please turn on some dramatic musical score and get comfortable as you enjoy this emotional presentation:

Now. The next time I get the urge to chop it all off, I can revisit this post for a quick reminder of the true cost of a haircut. 


Jessica said...

Hahahaha. LOVE it!! Your hair is so pretty, natural, and long now! <3 The journey has been a difficult (at times awkward) one but you've stayed the course! Lol. At least you never got any awkward highlights AND a bad cut! Like me, currently. :(

Lacey said...

It's been three years????????? I still remember your post announcing the dramatic cut! I can't believe it's been this long! Wow! It was such a bold, brave move. I can totally identify with the agony of waiting for your locks to grow out - it seems like it can take for-ev-er sometimes. This was a fun, hilarious read!