Financial Update: July 2016

July was a pretty ordinary month except for the fact that it was the first month without a credit card bill. Woohoo!

The next target in our debt snowball is the loan for Matt's car which came from Max Credit Union; as of June, the remaining balance was $12,140.52.

At the end of July, that balance remains the same. A bit disappointing, I know, but stay tuned.

We received a special offer from Max Credit Union this month to skip a car payment. Though we realized this could set us behind a little in the long run, we took advantage of the offer because we had a few big purchases that we needed to make, pricey purchases we'd been delaying for a while to keep from slowing down the snowball.

We've been paying $300 for Matt's $278 car payment each month. But using this special payment skip offer, we were able to put that $300 toward a new pair of ridiculously expensive work boots for Matt. Using this offer to take a mini snowball break, we also used our usual "snowball money" to get an oil change and a tire rotation and to buy a much-needed deep freezer!

You see, because of our thriftiness, our refrigerator freezer had turned into this:

A crowded mess.

Matt has been picking wild berries like CRAZY this summer while doing field work (mulberries, gooseberries, black raspberries, and blackberries!), plus we went to a pick-it-yourself blueberry farm, so we have more bags of frozen berries than you could imagine (AND additional pints of berries waiting to be frozen when room became available!). Plus, we've been stretching our grocery budget by buying and freezing meat when we find it on sale. For instance, we stumbled upon this recently and stocked up like doomsday preppers:

Because when you find antibiotic/steroid-free chicken breasts and organic, grass-fed beef for $2 off, this is what you do:

Now, after investing in our handy deep freezer, we can hoard store even more! 

So, when all is said and done, we didn't make a huge dent in our debt this month, but we still did pretty great. We got a lot of things taken care of without going farther into debt, and we still managed to pay off a sizable chunk of our total debt.

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Anna Marie Schaefer said...

Looks like you made some good investments! And that number is still going down. You guys are doing amazing to stick with your plan to become debt-free. I always love seeing your progress.