#72- Leave Post-It Notes in Unexpected Places

Recently, I shared that the end of my 101 Things in 1001 Days is swiftly approaching, and nothing gets me moving faster than a deadline. Here's one more thing I've just checked off the list.

It's very similar to #60, which I talked about a few days ago. #72- Leave Post-It Notes in Unexpected Places.

When I originally put this on my list back in 2014, I thought of it as a prank. I could leave silly notes for people, for fun. But as this challenge progressed, I decided to follow a more mature route and leave inspiring/motivational blurbs for strangers to find.

A couple of weeks ago, I grabbed my cutest pack of sticky notes from Target, jotted down several inspiring phrases, and packed them in my purse, much like I did with #60. Then I ran my usual errands and stealthily planted notes as I went.

Um, so, this was a lot scarier for me than it should have been. I mean, this wasn't like tucking a note away in a journal and re-shelving it. These notes were meant to be seen.

With that in mind, my first attempt was pretty lame, but bold for me.

The wall of a restaurant bathroom. Nice and private. Discreet. But not too unexpected. 

My second attempt was exactly the same pretty much the same. BUT it was slightly scarier because it was on the restroom wall of a trendy coffeehouse. Leaving notes for judgy hipsters is much more intimidating. 

I got bolder with note #3.

And note #4 was even better.

(That's on a random box of tea behind another box of tea on a shelf in a grocery store.)

I don't want to reveal all my secrets (or further incriminate myself), so I'll leave it here. Just know that this quiet, rule-following girl went way outside of the comfort zone with this little exercise, and that I'm pretty proud of myself for not snapping photos and immediately taking them down. (lol)

I hope these little notes made someone smile or at least gave them something to talk about.

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