Annie's First Year

On August 17, 2015, I got an unexpected text from my husband.

I shared the full, detailed story of what happened next here, but to sum things up quickly, Matt brought this "tiny, emaciated, tick-covered puppy with a wonky hind leg" home, we adopted her, and we named her Annie. 

That was exactly one year ago. 

Since then, she's become a part of our family. We've potty trained her, made it through a terrible teething period, had her spayed, taught her a couple of tricks, and gotten her up to 15 pounds (she was barely 6 when Matt found her). She's a healthy, cuddly little pup who LOVES people (especially her Aunt Jessie) and her stuffed hedgehog, Martin. 

We call her our little sentry, because she routinely posts herself as a lookout on the back of the loveseat.  She lets us know when outside threats appear.

And yes, she sits on her bottom like a tiny person.

She loves being very, very close to us, and likes to squeeze into the coziest of spaces.

She's ridiculously great at jumping, and can escape from pretty much any barricade anyone could set before leaving her home alone during a work day. 

And she's also really good at making us laugh with her silly faces. 

...that one gets me every time.

How about some more cute highlights from her first year with us?!

Yeah, it's been a strange, exciting year. I've never been a dog person, but I'm thankful for my furry little friend. It's pretty wonderful to come home from a crappy day at work, where I've felt unappreciated, taken advantage of, and beaten down, to a little someone who erupts with delight when I walk in the door. Her welcoming kisses and excited flips and jumps always lift my spirits. And few things are as comforting as a pup who hops into your lap, wanting to snuggle.

Sweet lil' pup, we're hoping to share many more years with you!

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Jessica said...

I love her so much!! She brings so much joy and laughter into your home. <3 <3