#87- Read 5 classics I should have read but have never got around to

As an English major, there is an endless list of classic novels I feel I should have read by now. For my 101 Things list, I made it my goal to tackle five of them. Here are the ones I chose.

Free Weekend Adventure: Treasure Hunting

I was supposed to be an archaeologist. 

When I was a kid- a chubby, nerdy little girl digging holes in my backyard- I fantasized about uncovering the truth of the lost colony of Roanoke. Could the meaning behind Croatoan be found in a pile of dirt beneath a pecan tree in Oxford, Alabama? I didn't see why not.

The End of My Comfort Zone

Between missing my family and feeling unbearably overwhelmed at work, I have felt, lately, that everything is coming to a head. The pressure is rising. Something must change. 

Financial Update: August 2016

Another month in the books!