Financial Update: August 2016

Another month in the books!

Financially speaking, August was kind of a rough one. My sister came to visit (yay!), and we spent a lot of money shopping in Columbia, dining out at least once a day, and getting expensive lattes.

We had a wonderful time together, but in the midst of all the fun, it became quite difficult to stick to our budget. When we used up all of our cash, we started swiping the debit card. No credit card use, but we still overspent.

Despite all this, we managed to pay a sizable amount to Max for Matt's car. The biggest payment we've ever made, actually. Check it out. We knocked that balance down by nearly $1000!

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Anna Marie Schaefer said...

I love seeing that total balance slowly dwindling. Another month or two and you'll be below $60,000. It's amazing how far you've come!!