While Waiting

According to this, I have no patience. I'm terrible at waiting.

Waiting drains me. It kicks my anxiety up to all-time highs, and it makes me an all-around horrible person. I hate waiting. I. Hate. It. HATE. IT. 

That's where I am right now, though.

Matt and I are currently waiting to hear back about a job for which he recently interviewed, and the waiting is stressing. me. out. See, if he receives (and accepts) a job offer, we'll be suddenly thrust into a huge life transition. We'll be packing immediately. Figuring out how to look at homes five states away, fast. I'll be looking for a new job. We'll be moving to a whole new city in a different state and things will suddenly be so very different.

And if he doesn't...well, nothing changes.

It's the possibility for enormous change, the not knowing what's going to happen, and the everything-hinges-on-this-one-thing, that's killing me.


So. I thought I would, to distract myself, share an update on what we've been doing while waiting. I haven't done a miscellaneous life update in a while, so why not now?

First random thing: I got glasses.

Yeah, so, I'm aging. Goodbye, mid-20's, hello, late 20's. I'd been noticing some serious changes in my vision for a while. I'd started getting headaches everyday, especially after charting a lot on the computer at work or spending time reading. I realized I had to hold books just right to be able to read the text and that I couldn't read signs on the road until they were RIGHT THERE. Matt pointed out that this was, ahem, not normal (he also informed me that, judging by my parking skills, I have terrible depth perception), and insisted that I see an eye doctor, especially since I hadn't gone to one in over a decade. Since I now finally have vision insurance for the first time, I made an appointment.

And I came out with a prescription for glasses. BIFOCALS at that. Way to make a girl feel old. But thankfully, there are such things as unlined bifocals. No one has to know. Except you there, reading this.

As annoying as it is to have to deal with lens smudges, rain droplets, and pushing frames up the bridge of my nose 1,000,000,000 times a day, it's CRAZY how much better life looks now! I can read the menu boards at restaurants. I can see road signs! And my headaches have vanished. It's really, really nice.

In other news, Matt finished the inside of the TARDIS

Remember how he proposed to me with the TARDIS bookcase he built? It wasn't quite finished at the time and last week, he painted, sealed, and installed the shelves. 

Finally, after two years, I got to put my books inside the TARDIS for the first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is so much more space for books than either of us expected. In fact, you might say the inside is surprisingly roomy, that it's...bigger than it looks on the outside... (i'll stop now.)

I can buy so many more books to fill in the gaps! All we have left to do is finish up a few cosmetic details on the exterior- the signs at the top and the lamp.

Hey, in other random news, Annie had her yearly check-up at the vet. 

This was us on the way. She gets reaaaaaally excited about car rides, so she was pretty ecstatic here even though we were going to the vet (so sad). But she did great. She weighed more than double what she weighed last year, which is awesome because she was so pitiful and starved when Matt found her. She's now up to date on her shots, and she's a healthy, happy little pup.

Here are a couple more cute pics, just 'cause:

Awww, sweet little Annie.

This past weekend, in preparation for our possible move, we had another garage sale. 

The turnout was disappointing, but we somehow managed to profit $119.25. A couple of college girls loaded up on armfuls of my recently Kon-Mari'd clothing, which was awesome. We got rid of several books and household items. Our biggest sale was our patio set- a table and four chairs. We didn't really like the set, and we didn't want to lug it with us if we do end up moving. If we don't move...well, it's October in northern Missouri. It's not like we'll be needing a patio set any time soon. And by the time we do, maybe we'll have saved up enough cash to get a set we actually like. 

Speaking of buying stuff, I had to get a new cash envelope system wallet. 

I was pretty bummed, but after 2+ years of use, this started happening:

Nobody wants a holey wallet. So, much to my dismay, I realized I had to retire my beloved wallet. I didn't want to do that since we're pinching pennies so hard right now, but I knew I had to. I looked at some options online and was discouraged by the prices. So I put it off. Then one afternoon, while strolling through the local thrift store, I found a perfect replacement wallet. FOR ONE DOLLAR.

$1.00. Yes. And look at all the compartments.

It's practically brand new except for a noticeable cigarette odor. But for $1, I could deal with that. I just saturated a few cotton balls with eucalyptus oil, stuffed them inside, and set it in front of a fan for a day. 

Hey, it's just gonna hold stinky money and dirty coins anyway, right? It doesn't matter what it smells like.

I think Dave Ramsey would be proud.

That's pretty much it for now. I just keep clocking in and out at work, all the while holding my breath, waiting for a response from the professor who interviewed my husband. I'm trying VERY hard to stay calm, to not worry, to trust God, and to maintain a positive attitude, but my goodness, that does not come naturally to me. I'm having all sorts of butterflies, heart palpitations, and nervous BMs over here.

I hate waiting.

Waiting is the worst.


Anna Marie Schaefer said...

Wow. I have been in that waiting place, too, and I totally agree with all the feelings you described. It's torture! I was glad to read about all the little changes going on. Especially the TARDIS! Such an awesome bookcase. I'm praying for you guys!

Jessica said...

lolol nervous BMs?! Anywho...so excited that the news was what we hoped. The TARDIS looks awesome! And I think the glasses are so cute!