16 Things I'm Thankful for in 2016

1. Health and safety throughout this year, especially with Matt's long commutes and all the driving we've done back and forth across states

2. Saying goodbye to a stressful job that drained me

3. The financial freedom, friendships, work experience, and the endless potential story ideas that this stressful job gave me

4. Matt's new job and its wonderful benefits. Insurance, paid holidays/time off, a routine schedule, huge Auburn University tuition discounts...we are feeling very thankful!

5. Being so much closer to family! We actually get to spend the holidays (and pretty much any other time we want) with our parents and siblings. In fact, we just had our family Thanksgiving at my sister's house on Sunday, and it was so, so nice.

Look! Our puppies are cousin BFFs!

6. On that note, I'm incredibly thankful that both of my parents felt well enough to join us at Jessica's for Thanksgiving lunch!

7. Our cute-and-cozy little apartment in a growing, new-to-us city. Huntsville is a pretty hip place filled with plentiful opportunities (and tasty taco joints), and we're excited to explore it and call it home.

8. BEING SO CLOSE TO TARGET! (It's less than a 10 minute drive from our apartment!)

9. In-laws who drove halfway across the U.S. to carry our stuff up three flights of stairs, then gave us this super nice bedroom furniture and wouldn't take a darn penny for any of it!

10. The opportunity to hear and learn from Pastor Jeremy over the past year. He is such a genuine, excellent teacher, and we are really going to miss Cornerstone Church!

11. Making monthly budgets, sticking to them (mostly), and paying off over $10,000 in debt

12. All the snuggles and laughs we get because of this pretty lil' pup:

13. My sister's new place! I am so, so, so thankful that everything worked out, and that she was able to purchase a house of her own. Such a proud big sister!

14. All those random little moments, often with complete strangers, that restore my hope in humanity and show me that everything's not lost. This has been quite a disheartening year in many ways, and it is such an encouragement when people allow themselves, through even the smallest acts of kindness, to shine as lights in the darkness. I'm talking about simply holding the door open for a stranger at Target, saying a genuine 'thank you' when someone holds it open for you, smiling at another customer in line at the checkout, waving someone over into the traffic lane in front of you, and being polite, patient, and understanding with your waiter. Kindness makes a difference.

15. Sharing every single day, all the ups and downs, with my best friend. I prayed and waited for "The One" for so long, and I am unspeakably thankful for the man God sent me. In just a year and a half, we've grown so much, and I am grateful for how I can see our relationship deepening daily. I'm so thankful for everything Matt does to take care of me and the pup, how he truly listens, understands, and supports me, and of course, how he can always make me giggle. God heard all of my prayers and blessed me tremendously.

16. A fresh start. That's probably the most exciting thing about this move. It's a chance to begin again, to set up a healthier life, to connect with a growing, thriving church body, to start jobs that will enable us to reach our goals. Sometimes, you just need a clean slate, and that's what I've been longing for. So, I'm incredibly thankful for this opportunity to start over.


Jessica said...

Love it! It's been a crazy year with it's rough moments, but it has been a good one. I know I have learned and grown a lot in 2016!

Lacey said...

I don't know what's wrong with me, but this post sort of made me emotional and I even felt a few tears well up with #'s 15 and 16. Lol. I miss our emails but am happy you are doing so well!