Onto Another Adventure

Not much time to go into details here, but...MATT GOT THE JOB AND WE'RE MOVING TO HUNTSVILLE!

Also, we're moving FRIDAY.

Yes. This Friday. November 4.

We're busily packing, making arrangements, finishing out our jobs here, and selling everything we can to make some extra cash for the move. (Also, we're forced to downsize because we signed a lease for an apartment. We were hoping for a rental house, but the higher cost of living in the city wouldn't allow that.) ((The apartments are super nice though!))

Anyway. Lots to do. I mean, SO much. This what our house is looking like right now:

Yes...we did stop to make cookies.


Such a mess.

How about we end on something pretty now? Here's a peek out the windshield on the street to our new digs. Besides being close to family, I'm definitely most excited about the view:

I've missed the mountains.

So yeah! Here we go, onto another adventure.

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Jessica said...

Sooo excited!! :D Can't wait to see you! The mountains are one of my favorite parts of being here too. That and being closer to the beach. I love it.