Goodbye, 2016

And good riddance, I think most of us would say. What a year this turned out to be.

2016 took a toll on me, for sure. My hair is grayer than ever. I've spent most of the year feeling tired, overwhelmed, stressed, drained, grouchy, and old. And you know, getting bifocals this fall didn't help those feelings. While it's easy to look back on the past twelve months and see nothing but a disappointing, disheartening blur, it surely had some positives as well. 

For me personally, 2016 was the year my husband and I started going to church together regularly. Every Sunday I had off from work, we consistently showed up at Cornerstone Church and grew together under the leadership of one of the best, most genuine pastors I've ever heard. His sermons opened the door to many meaningful, spiritually-deep discussions between my husband and me. 

In 2016, we celebrated our first full year of marriage. And what a year that was. We treated ourselves to a weekend getaway in St. Louis and had an absolutely amazing time together (and it made up for our somewhat dreadful honeymoon).

In 2016, I had the courage to revamp my resume to highlight my B.A. in English and apply to jobs outside of my comfort zone (even though I didn't get those jobs, it was still a growing experience).

2016 was the year I finally got to leave a job that created so much stress and anxiety for me. Though I spent most of 2016 crying in the bathroom at work, I was able to make it through and leave that situation behind me.

In 2016, Matt received- and accepted- a pretty good job offer from Auburn University.

In 2016, we said goodbye to Kirksville, Missouri, and moved several states south, back home to Alabama, to an exciting new city within a couple of hours of our family.

2016 was the year Annie got a big sister named Brenna.

In 2016, we were healthy, overall. We were safe. All of our basic needs were met and even a few wants, too.

No, 2016 definitely was not my best year. In fact, I'd say it was the third hardest and third most unpleasant one I've had so far. But there were plenty of bright, happy, shiny moments to light the dark.

But please, 2017, please, please, please be better! 

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Jessica said...

Agreed. I had some exciting changes, but for the most part, 2016 was kinda sucky. I'm hoping for a brighter 2017! Glad you guys are so much closer though!