Meet Brenna!

Yes, our family has grown again!

Matt and I have been going back and forth about adopting a second pet for the past year. Annie has pretty severe separation anxiety and FREAKS out every time we leave her alone, so we'd been thinking that another pet might help her. But with our limited space and tight funds, we decided against it.

Then we changed our minds; Annie needs a sibling. Maybe an chunky, lazy, older cat. But I'm allergic to cats. So. Maybe an older dog.

We talked ourselves out of it and dropped it again.

Then Matt found Brenna on an animal rescue's website. A five-year-old black lab who "acts like she's two." I've always said that if I ever got a dog, I wanted a lab, and before Matt found Annie, I was looking at lab puppies on the Internet. And here was a rescue lab. After potty training, spaying, and going through teething with Annie, we didn't want a puppy again. And this lab was five, house-trained, spayed, and well-behaved. 

Ultimately, the goofy grin in her photo won us over.

So, Matt applied for her and arranged a home visit. And of course, she was a sweetie and got along well with Annie, and we fell for her pretty quickly. It was a done deal.

The pups are getting along better than I expected. They've been doing really well on walks together, which I was worried about. For the most part, they stay close to each other.

Annie gets pretty jealous when we show Brenna too much attention, and she gets quite defensive if Brenna runs up to or jumps on Matt or myself. Other than that, they get along great. They've been playing tug-of-war a lot and despite Brenna's size, Annie's giving her a run for her money.

Brenna knows a few basic commands already, too, which is great. So far, she's been a good listener and seems eager to please.

She does struggle pretty hilariously to get on the couch. She's a big girl, and usually, she just gives up midway and parks it like this.

It's a little sad, but I can't help but laugh at her. She'll be a great running buddy for me though, so hopefully we can both shed some pounds!

Anyway, yes, we are now the proud parents of two pups. Goodness. 

Merry Christmas from Annie and Brenna!

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Lacey said...

SO CUTE! I love your little dog family!