Yesterday, I turned 28. 


I don't know where the time is going. 30 is creeping closer and closer, and I feel like I'm piddling around, almost as confused, financially unstable, and unsure of what I'm doing with my life as I was at 18. But that's not what I want this post to be about.

I don't want to focus on the negative; I've done enough of that over the last 27 years. 2017 is supposed to be about peaceAnd actually, my 28th birthday was a wonderful day.

You see, instead of treating myself to sleeping in late and going out for a hearty biscuit (which seemed the natural birthday option), I got up earlier than usual, squeezed into my compression pants, and headed to a nearby nature park I'd been wanting to check out since we moved here. A nature park with running trails.

I'm longing to get back to the things I love, the things that make me me, the things that make me feel good and at peace. Running is one of those things. I thrived on finishing 5Ks and 10Ks from 2012-2014, and I miss it. I've been wanting to get back into racing again, but I've gotten so out of shape that until a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't even run a mile without stopping to walk/breathe/stretch/go home and die.

My goal for yesterday was to run 2 miles nonstop. Right after New Year's, I reached 1 mile. Last week, I pushed harder and made it to 1.5 miles. So, for my 28th birthday, I wanted to keep smashing records with 2 miles, propelling myself closer to my 5K goals.

And guess what happened?

With the assistance of a flat course, some jammin' tobyMac, and a bit a lot of divine intervention, I ran an entire 5K without stopping. No walking. No stopping to catch my breath. No pausing to see what the heck is in my sock and poking agonizingly into my left arch. 

I haven't done that in two years. 

Whooo! What a nice birthday present to myself. From there, my day was destined to be a better one. I went grocery shopping, came home and made a giant batch of dog food for the pups, showered and put on my favorite blouse, and went to the Whole Foods salad bar for lunch.

Yum. I was so inspired by my morning run, so motivated, I even stuck with olive oil and lemon juice for my dressing. Also, feeling adventurous, I tossed on two kinds of beets, shredded golden beets and some kind of ginger beet chunks. (Because of #37 on my 101 Things List: Try Beets. All for you, Dwight.)

Matt gave me Whole Foods gift cards for Christmas and my birthday (he knows that's all I really want), so I took the time to really shop for myself. They have a huge health and beauty selection and even a section of sustainable fashion, so that's where I headed. I ended up spending my gift cards on mineral mascara, shampoo, flat-iron spray, jasmine green tea, and matcha powder (which I've been wanting to try forever).

After strolling around Whole Foods for a good hour and a half, I decided to redeem the birthday reward that popped up in my Starbucks app: a free drink. When I ordered, I was pleasantly surprised that the offer means you can select ANY drink, ANY SIZE. So I got a grande latte (plain, no added syrups or sugar, because I was still being so good). And it was $0.00. Woot!

I also picked up a Chai Frappucino for Matt, and we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the apartment before time for dinner.

Sushi was my pick for the night, and still feeling oh-so-bold, I suggested fried calamari as an appetizer. Not healthy, but this was my birthday dinner, and I'd been sooo good all day. So. Fried calamari it was.

The onion rings of the sea. Sort of. It was pretty delicious, especially with that goopy spicy mayo. For our entree, we were total fatties and ordered The Experience, a trio of their best sushi rolls, as well as a fourth crispy roll in case The Experience wasn't enough. (We were hungry, dang it. And it's sushi.)

Everything was soooo good. Seriously, I'm practically drooling here just thinking about it. There aren't enough stars on Yelp for this place.

On our way out of the restaurant, we stopped by an adjacent cupcakery to satisfy the need for birthday cake on my birthday. We were so disciplined, we ordered one cupcake and shared it. A delectable Millionaire Pie flavored one with chocolate chips, nuts, whipped cream, graham cracker crust crumbs, and pineapple. So. Great.

Then we came home, changed into our comfies, and read together on the sofa until we started dozing off.

I'd say that was a pretty perfect 28th birthday.

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Jessica said...

Yay for such a wonderful and (mostly) healthy birthday! I'm glad you had a great day! <3