Added Value: February

In January, I began a new blog series called Added Value, inspired by a podcast tradition of The Minimalists. Life Is for Living has been quiet throughout February, unfortunately, due to miscellaneous up-and-down life situations. I haven't had much positivity to share lately, but I'm continuing my series now with the following list of things that have added value to my life during the past few uncertain weeks.

Added Value: January

Negativity is everywhere. I'm sure you've noticed. Almost everything I've read/seen/heard lately has done nothing but discourage, drain, and worry me. As a writer and blogger, I don't want to add to that noise. Inspired by a practice of The Minimalists, I am choosing to counteract the negativity by focusing on how I can serve you, the person reading this, by sharing positive things that have added value to my life lately. Things that you might find value in as well.

So here goes. I present the first of a yearlong series, a brief list of things that have encouraged and inspired me during the month of January.