Financial Update: March 2017

Welcome back, debt snowball!

I am so excited to report that after our sobering budget meeting at the end of February, our anger toward our debt reignited and we started kicking butt again.

During the month of March: 

- We made a written budget and stuck to it surprisingly well
- We used cash/debit card only for all purchases
- I sold an old laptop and one of my two wedding dresses on eBay

I started working nights as a nurse in the middle of March. The income from this second job won't really impact us until this month (April), but we're so very excited about an income boost. It seems like there are new bills and expenses popping up all over the place (thanks, tax season). 

March was also the first month back on Dave's plan after re-establishing our $1000 emergency fund, which means March was the first month back on Baby Step #2. As you can see from the photo below, this first debt "snowball" was really just a tiny pile of snowflakes. But it's a start!  

For April, we're using last month's cash tips from my server job for our cash envelopes. This is the first time we've gone all-cash since before the move to Alabama, so I'm super excited and hopeful!

We're also initiating a unique food challenge this month to improve both our spending and eating habits. We created our own homestead-inspired meal plan- something I hope to share more about soon! For week one, we actually came in $20 under our newly-reduced grocery budget, which has NEVER happened.

How are you planning to succeed financially in April? What things are you budgeting for this month? 

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